Wired But Disconnected, Episode 1

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Wired But Disconnected
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Wired But Disconnected: Episode 1
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Wired But Disconnected: Episode 1

WBD: Episode 1

"Wired But Disconnected" is the weekly radio show put on by the spring 2011 CPBN Media Lab interns Alex, Kristen, Katie, Jamie, Emily, Senad and Leo. This week's topics include M. Night Shyamalan, spoiler alerts, and cartoons.

The conversation veered from Emily trying to explain to Jamie the irony of the blind girl in "The Village" to Jamie gushing about her love of Tom Hanks. Alex ruins the ending to one of the greatest movies of all time, "Citizen Kane," and tries to backtrack by giving an alternative ending that he would have made.

The segments wrap up with an analysis of Indiana Jones films and '90s Nickelodeon cartoons.


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CPBN Media Lab Notes: Our graphics were made using Adobe Photoshop CS4. The "Cell Tower" poster was inspired by a trip to Infinity Hall in Norfolk, CT. The cell tower disguised as a tree blends in as well as an albino squirrel wearing parachute pants and L.A. Lights (yeah, L.A. Lights) climbing a dark tree in the middle of the night. Our production fits in as well in the world of radio. We give you a window on the world of the impression of College-Age Interns honing their skills, looking for jobs at the worst time in the last decade. Hopefully, this endeavor will give us the boost we need to have a future.

The raw image files are from morguefile.com.Wired But Disconnected was edited using Audacity. Intro music is "Superbad Chocolate Box" by Copperhead, ccmixter.org. Our title was inspired by the song, "Wired But Disconnected" by Duckett, ccmixter.org