Betsy Kaplan

Betsy Kaplan is a producer for the Colin McEnroe Show and Where We Live on WNPR.

She is a native of Connecticut.  After graduating with a degree in nursing from Fairfield University in 1982, she spent many years caring for people in different stages of life, health, and need from healthy young adults to those in their final days of life.

She chose to spend several years at home caring for three young daughters and exploring new interests, two of which, museums and political activism, led to a Master’s degree in American Studies from Trinity College and a seat on the local Board of Education. While home with her children, she became an avid listener of National Public Radio, a passion she continues to indulge.

She loves to be moving and to be outdoors, and she loves to be moving while outdoors, especially biking, hiking, and either walking her dog by the Farmington River or wandering along city streets.

While indoors, She loves food, books, and crossword puzzles, although she struggles with the last.

She is married to Keith and has three daughters, Katie, Sammie, and Sally.