Helen Rozwadowski


Helen Rozwadowski is an associate professor of history at the University of Connecticut and coordinates the Maritime Studies program at shoreside the Avery Point campus.  Her teaching includes environmental history and history of science, as well as interdisciplinary maritime studies courses.  She is currently researching undersea exploration in the 1960s, a time when ocean boosters had optimistic dreams for working and living in the sea.  Her work considers ocean exploration as a category of exploration of extreme environments including outer space and the polar regions.  She is currently guest curator for an upcoming exhibit at Mystic Seaport titled “Sinister Seas.”  Her award-winning book, Fathoming the Ocean:
The Discovery and Exploration of the Deep Sea, is a scientific and cultural history of 19th-century interest in the ocean, manifested in maritime novels, in the popular hobby of marine zoology, in the youthful sport of yachting, and in the laying of a trans-Atlantic telegraph cable.