Mary Loftus Levine

Mary Loftus Levine began her career as an elementary school teacher in the West Springfield, Massachusetts, public schools. She subsequently became a special education counselor and became active as president of her local teachers association. After her three-year term as local president expired, Loftus Levine began bargaining contracts and engaging in political advocacy for numerous school districts across western Massachusetts as an intern for the Massachusetts Teachers Association.

Loftus Levine joined CEA in 1986, working as a labor negotiator and organizing teachers on a variety of issues.

Loftus Levine turned her talents to political action in 2004, when she took over the reins of CEA’s political organizing program and NEA PAC fundraising. In all, she has served CEA and its members for 25 years, working with thousands of teachers and local union leaders.

Title:Executive Director
Organization:Connecticut Education Association