Willard Spiegelman

Willard Spiegelman writes about, and teaches, the English Romantic poets, and American poetry of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. He is interested in the entire range of poetry in English, the continuities, disjunctions, and relationships among poets, as well as the legacy of the Greek and Latin classics to the post-Renaissance literary world. His most recent book, Imaginative Transcripts, gives a sense of the range of his scholarly interests. His forthcoming work includes a theoretical consideration of poetic stanzas, and essays on the Romantic quatrain, Jorie Graham's ekphrastic experiments, Louise Glück's new book of poems, Roland Barthes in Japan, the influence of Romantic poetry on contemporary American poets, John Keats, and ballroom dancing. He is also a regular contributor to the Leisure & Arts pages of the Wall Street Journal.

Title:Duwain E. Hughes Jr. Distinguished Professor of English
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