About Us

Your Daily Edition for News and Arts: Created, Curated, Connected

Your Public Media (YourPublicMedia.org) is a new venture from the Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network (CPBN), the parent company of CPTV/Connecticut Public Television and WNPR/Connecticut Public Radio.

Your Public Media offers online visitors a new, informational daily edition of the area’s most relevant news and arts. Using a keen editorial eye and an intelligent public broadcasting sensibility, this online destination offers unique stories and content created by CPTV, WNPR and its affiliated channel partners. The site is organized into “News” and “Arts” content, then by “Channels” (aggregated categories of content within news or arts) and also by “Partner” (the entity providing contributing content).

Because we believe an informed community is a better community, we are offering visitors this convenient and immersive multimedia experience where the area’s distinct communities can come together fostering collaboration, inspiring understanding, supporting education and effecting change.

Your Public Media’s affiliated partners are chosen for their shared values (quality, insightful content, non-profit status) and selected at CPBN’s discretion.

Your Public Media will increasingly rely on partners to help enrich the site for its audiences. We are looking for partners to contribute content and to provide financial and outreach support. If you’re an institution – a college, library, museum, non-profit organization or publication – interested in partnering with us, please contact news@wnpr.org or arts@cptv.org for more information.