After Newtown

A Frontline Documentary, the Gun Debate, PTSD, and Sympathy Cards

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Jeff Cohen
Photo:Chion Wolf
Matthew Kauffman
Photo:Chion Wolf
Where We Live 02-22-13
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Where We Live 02-22-13

All this week, PBS has been airing special coverage looking back at December’s tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. Frontline teamed up with the Hartford Courant to look at the life of the gunman and guns themselves in America.

“The sort of overarching issue that I’m looking at is whether or not Sandy Hook truly is a tipping point in the debate over gun violence," says Hartford Courant reporter Matt Kauffman who took part in the Frontline documentary.

Vice President Joe Biden was in Connecticut yesterday and he says he’s fighting to make Sandy Hook a tipping point.

We talk about Biden’s speech, Governor Malloy’s legislation proposals and the gun conversation in America. We also hear from a law enforcement officer and psychologist working with first responders in Newtown about post-traumatic stress disorder.

And in the days, weeks and months following the tragedy, letters, pictures and other signs of sympathy poured into Newtown from around the world. What’s happening to it all now?