Cell Phone Addiction, Sugary Drinks, Nuns Behaving 'Badly' & Endorsements

The Nose rounds up the week in pop culture.

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Cell Phone Addiction, Sugary Drinks, Nuns Behaving 'Badly' & Endorsements
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Cell Phone Addiction, Sugary Drinks, Nuns Behaving 'Badly' & Endorsements

What counts as a bad habit? And who should have the power to save us from one? That's a big part of our discussion today.

This week, addictions were all over the news. New Yorkers are facing a ban on sugary drinks, while California chefs repeal a foie gras ban. A Massachusetts teen is looking at a jail sentence for not being able to put down his cell phone.

Meanwhile, the rest of us can't stop using our cell phones in bed.

Later in the show, we'll talk about the Vatican's crackdown on a Connecticut nun who authored a controversial book on Christian sexuality and much-talked about remark by President Obama on pushups. Or was he talking about oral sex?

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E-mail from Will

Now that I have recently retired, I expect to listen to your afternoon show more often. Give my love to Chion, but remind her gently that Helen Mirren has the first refusal on my loyalty in the event that my life companion throws me out.

Even though I am an obsolete electrical engineer, I confess right off that I am also an unrepentant Luddite, which does color my thinking. I'm more a slide rule and vacuum tube kind of guy. I left my company cell phone at the office, and I remain unconvinced that I should replace it.

Texting while driving:

I am unable to credit the source, possibly Car Talk, who recently said it this
"Honk if you love Jesus. Text if you want to meet him."

Not long ago my companion, while at home, heard a crash at the intersection of our street with route 67, one house beyond ours. A young man had stopped in traffic, unfortunately having turned his wheels while signalling and waiting to make a left turn onto our street. He was hit from behind, forcing him into the path of oncoming traffic. He was killed, leaving a wife and child. He was not texting, but the driver who pushed him into traffic was.

My boss was the victim of a similar experience last year. While stopped at a light, he saw in his rear view mirror that the driver approaching behind had her head down. He could see only the top of her head. His only option was to stand on his brakes. Fortunately the other driver was not going too fast, so the result was only minor injuries.

Facebook "friends:"

Yeah, I am on Facebook, but I never bother to log in. I'm 80. I can't
afford to invest time in any activity with such a low rate of return. I
originally used Facebook to locate two long lost friends, and haven't bothered to quit it. Since then it has grown and spread like mushrooms with no help from me. A couple of weeks ago someone who already claimed 1424 friends wanted to add me. Aside from the fact that I have never heard of him, what would lead me
to think that he would ever notice whether I was there or not? In my book, a
friend is someone who would hold up a convenience store if you called after midnight asking whether you could borrow $150 to pay a traffic ticket.

"I'll see you on the radio."


E-mail from Terry

What is the current etiquette regarding texting during dinner at a restaurant- if it is considered appropriate, how much texting is consistent with respect for your dinner companions?

E-mail from Wayne

Hi Colin,
You may recall my assertion that "Food is medicine." A corollary is "All sugary carbonated soft drinks, including so-called "diet" ones, are slow-acting poison."
Wishing you spinach and snap peas,
Farmer Wayne in Oneco