Colin McEnroe Show: Are Corporations Buying Elections?

From disclosure to Super PACs, what are the implications of Citizens United?

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Colin McEnroe Show: Are Corporations Buying Elections?
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Colin McEnroe Show: Are Corporations Buying Elections?

The lead story in today's New York Times is the second donation, by one married couple, to a Super PAC supporting Newt Gingrich. Miriam Adelson gave $5 million. Her husband Sheldon had already given he same amount.

They may be just getting warmed up. They've talked about spending $25 million to defeat Barack Obama. That's a lot of money, but money in politics is nothing new in American history.  
What IS new is a growing body of case law about who can give what. Most of the cases arose in response to efforts to reform the system by limiting the size of donations or putting restrictions on who can give. And the U.S. Supreme Court, as currently constituted, is very unsympathetic to those efforts.

So where are we right now?  And what will campaigns in Connecticut look like this year as a result of the two-year-old Citizens United decision and the other case and practices that have flowed alongside it?

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I can't believe they are

I can't believe they are spending so much money just to get Obama down and then let the public know about it. It's outrageous, they should use those money to build homes, help the students who are facing debt to finish their studies or buy new cars and give them away through a donate car program, instead they chose to waste $25 million.
. If you ask me the $25 million are wasted.

politics and money

Instead of giving $25 million to defeat Obama they should think in doing a Tax Resolution plan as there are a lot of people who are desperate as they can't afford to pay so much taxes anymore. I don't understand how they can invest so much money in politics when the country passes a financial crises.

$25 million to defeat Barack

$25 million to defeat Barack Obama? This is insane and courageous in the same time. Of course when it comes to politics money is not that important. Actually there are many ways of making money nowadays even for ordinary people, especially using IT. Take the Mini Forex accounts for example. All it takes is will and determination.