Colin McEnroe Show: Dodd Bids Farewell & WikiLeaks 101

We give you a crash course on the decision to published leaked cables.

Chris Dodd, File Photo
Photo:Chion Wolf
Colin McEnroe Show: Dodd Bids Farewell & WikiLeaks 101
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Colin McEnroe Show: Dodd Bids Farewell & WikiLeaks 101

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the Wikileaks release of diplomatic cables "an attack." Connecticut's Senator Joe Lieberman used to White House to try to shut Wikileaks down. In other quarters, the revelations in the cables are being described as ho-hum or mainly full of indications that our state department is actually pretty good at what it does. 

Meanwhile, the Wikileaks founder lives a life on the lam. He has lately been offered asylum in Ecuador.

How should journalists and consumers of journalism approach a story like this one? We'll talk about it today. Also on the agenda: Chris Dodd's farewell to the Senate. After 36 years on Capitol Hill, did Dodd succeed in shrugging off the 2008 assaults on his reputation?

And where's he going next? That glitzy job as the movie industry's front man in Washington.

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Sue on the opposite of 'Hoarding'

Fit-of-pique-purger. Or just purger, altho that starts to connote someone with bulimia, doesn't it?

I can relate to the listener who emailed about throwing stuff out. I do it all the time, altho not to the extent she does. I'm married to a pack rat. Go figure.

Joe on the opposite of 'Hoarding'

Why not call it divesting

E-mail from Wendy

Thanks guys for reading my letter, it was quite a perk in my day, and thanks for not reading the personal part! lol....Ms. Wolf (spelling?) did a fantastic job imparting humor to it, which was how I wrote it to be read! I don't care what that lady from your mail sack said about how Cione pronounces her "w"'s .....that is so silly!

E-mail from Mac

In a relatively open society, consistent large-scale leaks will drive down frank conversations in sensitive situations and may achieve a kind of censorship not achieved by far more authoritarian regimes.

E-mail from Sara

I don't think that Wikileaks is as much a problem as the news/media that gets us all worked up reporting about it. The media gets two stories for one every time a Wiki leak leaks-first reporters report on the terribleness of Wikileaks to compromise our national security by releasing such shocking information like the fact that Hillary Clinton thinks Ahmadinejad is an a*!hole (who doesn't think this) and then the media releases all of Wikileaks junk in detail through various sources. It's like reporting on how awful it is to kick babies while punting babies across the room.

Also-where does Wikileaks get it's name? Is it related to Wikipedia my main source of information after the Colin McEnroe Show of course?