Colin McEnroe Show: Frank Tavares, NPR's 'Yoda'

Through the Force ... dipthongs you will see.

Frank Tavares with WNPR's Chion Wolf.
Photo:WNPR Staff
The Announcing Voice is Strong
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Frank Talks With Colin and Chion
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01-19-2010 Last Word on Lines, Lieberman, and Justin Bieber
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The Announcing Voice is Strong
Frank Talks With Colin and Chion
01-19-2010 Last Word on Lines, Lieberman, and Justin Bieber

Frank Tavares' voice enters the ears of public radio listeners everday. Perhaps more than Robert Siegel, Terri Gross and Renee Montagne and certainly more than Colin McEnroe.

If WNPR is the only public radio station you listen to, you might think Frank Tavares works in this building. But listeners in Seattle, Los Angeles, Phoenix and New York all have the pleasure of hearing Frank's funding credits.

Recently, Frank visited WNPR and turned us all into giddy schoolgirls. He recorded some pieces for the Colin McEnroe Show that you might have heard recently. Our own announcer, the famous Chion Wolf, received lessons on the ways of the Force...or at least on radio announcing.

If you want to hear Frank Tavares speak about things other than Law and Order: UK or the Hoodie-Footie pajamas, we have compiled all of his skits, Last Words and interview here. We will be adding pieces after they air so keep checking back.

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the pleasure of hearing Frank? Really?

Peter Del Vaglio is spot-on with his comments. Frank T over-pronounces his "wh" words so precisely that he actually mispronounces them, placing the H in front of the W, as in, "HHwat HHworks, and HHwear". Just relax, Frank and pronounce the words like the rest of humanity. And as for this cute little vignete with Frank and Chion, where did you record it, in a tube? EQ the room tone, or don't we know how to do that?

"and from..."

FT has THE most annoying voice on radio. Quite an achievement. I literally either mute or turn off the radio or change stations whenever it's time for his irritating, endless, "and from"s.

He's considered some kind of star at NPR? Lol. No accounting for (lack of) taste, as they say.

Btw, Bruce Barber is climbing up the ladder of annoying voices.

On the other hand, I'm mesmerized by the Wolf's unique "W"s.

Frank Tavares, unfortunately

No doubt he's a good fellow and all, but Frank Tavares can't pronounce "public". And one sponsor's slogan comes out "a more adjust verdant and peaceful world" because he can't say "just" without flubbing it. Finally, why the Wicked Witch of the West cackle? Brought to you by Poppies! And your little dog, too. I can hear him now. Dreadful.