Colin McEnroe Show: The Hardcore Side Of Christian Rock

This isn't stereotypical praise music.

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Chion Wolf
James Allen, left, with Josh Kellam
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Chion Wolf
James Allen
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Josh Kellam
Photo:Chion Wolf
Chion Wolf
Colin McEnroe Show: The Hardcore Side Of Christian Rock
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Colin McEnroe Show: The Hardcore Side Of Christian Rock

Even if you think you have absolutely no relationship to Christian metal, you might have to think again, especially if you were a faithful watcher of "Friday Night Lights." Remember Landry's band Crucifictorius, which was almost called Stigmatalingus? That was a Christian speed metal band.

Almost every rock genre has a Christian counterpart.  There is Christian ska and Christian reggae and Christian punk.  But Christian metal -- also known as white metal -- seems especially big, which is counterintuitive, because metal music seems, to us outsiders, to be inherently dark and rejecting of pretty much everything.

We grew very interested in the rougher side of Christian rock -- both metal and hardcore -- especially when we figured out there was plenty of it being performed here in Connecticut. And then we heard from people who REALLY didn't want us to do this show because they're turned off by both words in Christian metal.

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In reply to Anonymous/Email

In reply to Anonymous/Email from Wendy:
I can't tell if you're referring directly to Life in Your Way when you said, "That's over commercialized-let's-make-money-at-hot-topic music." If you are, you may be surprised to know that they crowdfunded thier last album and released it completely for free, through a label that gives away its music free for all its bands. That's how much LIYW doesn't care about making money. Pretty rad if you ask me.

life in your way not be metal

life in your way not be metal but keep your judgments about a band's integrity to yourself. the band has been doing this for over a decade, before metalcore was in hot topic so shut your trap.


I started my relationship with God at a Christian Hardcore show. I didn't know it was a "christian" show, and if I did, I wouldn't have been there. Christian Hardcore changed my life.


I wanted to let ya'll know that yesterday's show on Christian rock really changed my perceptions on Christian rockers.
They were refreshingly open and lacked the righteousness that is usually present in Christians and Straight Edge lifesylers. I always appreciate the opportunity to change my mind!

E-mail from Dallas

Hey Colin
Just wanted to add my 2cents.

The point I wanted to make is that way back when, in the early days of acid rock,death metal, punk rock, etc.. Part of the appeal to these genres is the ANTI aspect they represent - specifically "Christian/ Family Values" - no we do not want to attend church, have typical lifestyles, and clean wholesome living.
Let's use Lemme of Motohead as one example.
Meeting other people that are into these genres helped bring us solidarity in our " alternative" lifestyle. One could generally count on that if some one they met that was into punk, metal, etc That they were like minded, and you could be at ease with one another knowing this .

With Christians glomming on to the heavy metal, alt/ punk/ indie moniker it kinda makes a very weird and uncomfortable bed fellow ....
So many Christians are so conservative, judgemental, and intolerant this all just strikes me as being incongruis with the whole identity of this genre...

I'll tolerate and respect a lot of diversity in life , but Christian Metal might be where I draw the line - haha

Colin seems like one of the

Colin seems like one of the most stereotypical people I have ever heard talk about the hardcore genre. He says a lot of things that are just flat out false and dumb to hear from a person who listens to the genre immensely, and he doesn't know what he's talking about whenever he has input to say.

Email from Wendy. That's not

Email from Wendy. That's not metal. That's over commercialized-let's-make-money-at-hot-topic music, has no originality or integrity.

I never believed in God until

I never believed in God until I heard the Devil on the show today. Great show!

You can see that this music

You can see that this music has a large audience when you consider myself a teenager in Australia knows these guys well. I have to say as well that Christian metal bands do play alongside atheist bands more often than not. For example this year August Burns Red are playing with Northlane at shows, whose messages are completely opposite.

E-mail from Wendy

My teens like death metal and metal that happens to be christian....they like Falling in reverse...old Attack Attack....the kids at all the shows are awesome and usually sweethearts. Thanks for the show....i think the music gives my teens hope even though they wont go to church lol