Colin McEnroe Show: It's Storytime!

Ever wondered how to tell a great story?

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Colin McEnroe Show: It's Storytime!
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Colin McEnroe Show: It's Storytime!

Today's show is about storytelling.

Even though we didn't plan it that way, it turns out to be weirdly appropriate because our station has been having storm-related transmitter problems that probably forced a few of our listeners to entertain and enlighten one another the old way.

But in the many centuries preceding mass culture, storytelling was a much bigger deal.  It's kind of a muscle. If I asked you right now to tell me a story, you might freeze. If I asked you to tell me a story from you childhood -- let's say a story about a pet -- you might be able to come up with something, but, unless you tell stories a lot, you probably wouldn't do justice to your own tale. So let's work on that. We should all be storytellers. Listen to some stories and get some tips from the masters on today's show.

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Learn more about the Connecticut Storytellling Festival & Conference.



Message from Kylie:

Listening to today's show on storytelling - while in grad school in Illinois, I was fortunate enough to hear a Native American storyteller from New Mexico a couple of times. He told stories of origin myths (with animal characters) by using audience members to act them out. My daughter enjoyed these evenings every year - and we are both sad to be missing out now that we've moved back east. Storytelling is magical for children - and adults as well!