Colin McEnroe Show: Our Moon; Our Mirror

O, swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon ...

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Colin McEnroe Show: Our Moon, Our Mirror
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Colin McEnroe Show: Our Moon, Our Mirror

Insomnia, ghosts, death, innocence, purity, crop fertility, marriages between gods and goddesses, the enlightenment of Buddha, cold, darkness, sex, sentimentality, lechery, rain, water ...

These are just a few of the things believed to be either influenced by or symbolized by the moon. In fact, it would be easier to make a list of things that nobody has ever connected to the moon. As we prepared for today's show, though, what really struck me is how casual our relationship to the moon has become. With artificial light flooding the sky, it's just not as important. And with lots of things to do indoors on a temperate night, we're just not out under the moon, gazing up at it, watching the way its sliver light re-etches the contours of physical reality, as our forebears were.

But once in a while, we happen to be out, happen to notice, and maybe we happen to wonder at what we're missing.

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E-mail Steven

As with many things, people go too far.

And for those who attempt to use astrological ‘predictions’ to plan their daily lives, I would suggest they’re wasting their time.

But I do not discount the validity of some claims that their horoscope is in sync with their lives. Many people believe there’s ‘something’ there; and I am among them.

It’s a human conceit – perhaps a ‘failure’ – to assert control over our lives. But in contrast with the grand scheme of things, I would point out the fact that our lives are short and often insignificant when put in perspective. And yet, we each have a role to play.

Therefore, it is not upon us to use astrological information to direct or change our lives.

It is the other way around.

If you live a harmonious life, in service to others, you may find your horoscope to be more accurate and timely than someone whose motivations are less than altruistic.

Read the lyrics to a ‘Dead Can Dance’ song from their album ‘Spirit Chaser’ (Song of the Nile):

We are the stars which sing…we sing with our light;

We are the birds of fire…we fly over the sky.

Our light is a voice…we make a road for the spirit to pass over…for the spirit to pass over…

It’s not about us. It’s about the ‘big picture’…we have a small part to play in it…some greater, some lesser.

If anyone is seeing his life circumstances mirrored in their daily astrology, chances are they’ve found a role consistent with that of the Spirit; they’ve accepted it, and they’re comfortable in it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

I do not pretend to know anything more about this than anyone else; and ‘knowing’ is something of a relative term when dealing with metaphysics.

But I know this; all the best ‘astrologers’ and Tarot card readers in France could not help Napoleon; most likely because his life was discordant with the higher purposes of the Spirit…and I’m fairly certain the Spirit doesn’t want you to lead a nation into a war that’s going to kill half a million souls. Likewise with Hitler; it’s said he had several astrologers on his staff, held daily Tarot card readings and he was apparently obsessed with the occult.

For this reason, the many disturbed and unhappy people in the world who seek answers from ‘astrology’ or ‘fortune tellers’ will find little in the way of answers.

Because it’s not about us…all we can do is ‘make a road for the spirit to pass over…for the spirit to pass over…’.


E-mail from Bill

Sorry... Got so annoyed I couldn't handle the Blackberry and sent before I wrote.

For the first time ever, I shut my radio off because of what I was hearing on the CMS.

I tune in to hear intelligent conversations, not some nonsense about the 'majestic intricacy' of astrology. It can't be proved "especially to a scientific mind". Um, yeah. Because that relies on reason, rationality, and... proof!

I actually enjoy when the show tackles issues of spirituality and religion. Usually it's done with insight and respect. But letting someone use a "system" that has repeatedly been found to have no validity do "readings" on the air just lends it credibility - and smacks of Maury Povich or Sally Jesse.

Chion's right... the stars start affecting me at the time I come out of my mother's womb? Not before?

I really, really enjoy the show. Great lunchtime pleasure. Usually. But putting this woman on and treating her like she has ANY validity was a very poor decision.


Check out the Penn&Teller episode of "Bullsh*t" on this. (I don't always agree with them, but they nailed that one.)

E-mail from Charles

What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. Please ask your guest what evidence makes her statements of "fact" true.

Ask her if there is a correlation between moon cycle and number of births, e.g., more births around the full moon. (The answer to this is fully supportable by statistics: there is no effect.)

Don't be gullible!

E-mail from Sara

Great topic! I emailed ya'll Monday asking for such a show. Sara asketh and the Colin Show giveth away. I am devoted to the moon and feel a sisterhood with the changeable orb. I send my 7 year old neice a card every full moon and I use the waxing and waning of the moon cycles in my day to day life. I cast off (clean out) in the waning moon and focus on areas of my life I'd like to build during the waxing time of the moon.

E-mail from Robert

Could you differentiate "moon science" vs. "moon religion"? Meaning we know know more about the moon throuigh science now than 100 years ago and yet some follow the moon as if it were a mysterious religion...

E-mail from Tony

Interesting show...I'm looking forward to reading that book.

What the moon means to me: it was a conduit to my distant love of the moment. I.e., when I was stationed in Spain, I would set up (through USAF Mail communication) a date and time with my New Jersey girlfriend, Rita, at which time, we would both stare at the moon and "talk" to each other.

Pretty schmaltzy, eh?!?!

E-mail from Mike

I heard you mention Buzz hitting someone at the beginning of the show. I’ve seen that video and it’s one of my favorite. If you watch carefully, Buzz put up with this guy in his face questioning all his accomplishments, and he does a good job showing restraint, right up to the point where they guy calls him a liar and a coward.

The man strapped himself into a rocket, left the whole human race behind him as he flew to the moon in 1960s technology, and further left the safety of that for the surface of the moon. He’s anything but a coward.

E-mail from Jane

At the end of January I heard that we we were having the most spectacular full moon of the year. That night I looked at it through the window (it was very cold!), and it was amazing--so bright and large. The next morning I left the house a little after 6 and it was extraordinary experience.
When I got outside it was still mostly dark, but the dawn was just beginning, and I think the sun must have been reflected in the moon, it was so brilliant. And because of the snow on the ground, it seemed bright as day. Everything was still and luminous. It was 7 degrees, but I was glad to be outside. It was magical.