Colin McEnroe Show: Sifting Through The Rubble For The Truth About 9/11

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Colin McEnroe Show: Sifting Through The Rubble For The Truth About 9/11
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Colin McEnroe Show: Sifting Through The Rubble For The Truth About 9/11

From Colin McEnroe:

Let me be clear: I believe 9/11 was the work of al-Qaeda. I believe they hijacked planes and flew them into buildings.

Let me also be clear: I believe there was a concentrated, organized effort at the highest levels of American power to mislead the American public about the fundamental nature of 9/11 and that said effort was largely successful.

I'm referring to the notion that Saddam Hussein was partly or largely responsible for the attack, a belief that was embraced by more than 50 percent of Americans in the years following the 9/11attacks. I also believe the CIA, probably abetted by the White House, stonewalled the commission on at least one major aspect of its investigation.

The reason I believe this is because the commission chairs, Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, said so. Today, you'll meet people whose 9/11 doubts are greater and graver.

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The 9/11 events changed alot

The 9/11 events changed alot the world.The people coming from arab countries are considered suspects all the time.I know someone who is San Francisco Criminal Defense Attorney and told me if they get into prison from different reasons they have a hard life their.

colin mcenroe: "Let me be

colin mcenroe:
"Let me be clear: I believe 9/11 was the work of al-Qaeda. I believe they hijacked planes and flew them into buildings.

and, subsequently:
"Let me also be clear: I believe there was a concentrated, organized mislead the American public about the fundamental nature of 9/11..."

the fundamental nature of 911 is that members of al qaeda hijacked the planes and flew them into the towers. there are only two roads which branch off from that; the one where we look at al qaeda, and the one where we're invited to get mired in the fevered dementia of the minimal, "bush knew" assertion of trutherism.

incidentally, i arrived at this page after reading a characteristically tortured and absurd frank rich article which places the blame for the kennedy assassination on proto-teapartiers and the "climate of hate" they supposedly fomented in dallas. that the actual triggerman was a life-long committed marxist, who had taken the exceptional measure of defecting to the soviet union for a time, was addressed and dismissed in a single sentence characterizing the point of fact as a "deflection" on the part of the right. but the commentary at huffpo about the article elaborates: oswald was a stooge, an agent of the cia who failed in his primary mission to infiltrate the cpusa subsequently reassigned to his ultimate mission, and not in any case the "real" or primary assassin.

and so here and there we see a slice of the full spectrum of the humid, conspiracy-addled mind of the typical progressive. it is a mind, one should note, that is not characterized by nonsensical or irrational belief, but by irrational and nonsensical disbelief. it becomes animated in the face of facts which contradict their manechean self-imagination as only right, moral and competent and their opponents as only errant, evil and stupid. for instance, when the christmas "underwear bomber" bomb plot came to light only after the plot failed in its execution, progressive radio host, mike malloy, voiced the conspiracy theory that the cia "knew" and allowed it to go forward in the hopes that it would lead to obama's downfall.

this kinkiness would be tolerable if it weren't that progressives simultaneously have attempted over the past year to characterize the entire right by the minority view that the president's birth records are questionable. leaving aside that "birtherism" is hardly comparable to the view that the president either arranged for or allowed the murder of three thousand citizens so as to set the pretext for wars for his own personal material gain, if the phenomena are to be compared, it can be (and has been) quantified that "trutherism" is more enduring and profligate on the left than "birtherism" has been on the right. and this, after all, is one data point against dozens.

Seismic resistance of WTC 7

WTC 7 was designed to take seismically induced ground motion from an earthquake of over 7.0 on the Richter scale. The collapses of the twin towers caused seismic signatures of 2.1 for the south tower and 2.3 for the north tower. Bear in mind that the Richter scale is logarithmic, so the ground shaking or motion induced by the tower collapses would have been at least 10,000 times less than what WTC 7 was designed to resist.

continue with 9-11 conspiracy topic

Hello again Colin, I nearly forgot to mention the single biggest coincidence in the whole, "Muslim hijackers with box cutters taking orders from a guy in a cave while pulling off a precision attack against a world Super Power ... conspiracy theory" and wanted to include them for reference. The irony is that these things are so numerous and then I read a few of these posts and see people using terms like, "Truthers and moths attracted to flames" and "Propaganda with connotations of the Easter Bunny as a main character and it dawned on me that it is all pointless. Let us consider, for a moment, that we were officially told that 19 Muslims were responsible and we were given their names and pictures as well as their entire plan of action as total fact, agreed?

While, on the one hand, some had no problem accepting what was told to them and none of the details mattered because the case was solved and anyone who questioned the theory was an automatic enemy. I use that term because of how the supposed, "Truthers" have been treated from the beginning. On the flip side of this coin, the people who have stood back, looked at every possible angle because they felt the facts were not quite as easy as were proclaimed. For the sake of this experiment, lets say it was a 50/50 split where half agreed with the story from the beginning and the other half wanted to look around a bit. For any person who has been in this country since September 11, 2001, an unmistakable and undeniable thing began to happen and nearly from the beginning.

First, the official story began to hiccup, with things like many of the supposed hijackers were and are still alive and this is a pretty big deal. Add into that, 'rookie' pilots flying like Tom Cruise, disappearing planes but indestructible paper from passports and bickering amongst the investigators and I'd call that a, "Hiccup'. Side "B", however, found unity and similarity in thoughts and feelings about inconsistencies. The numbers very rapidly surpassed their counterpart and eventually left them in the dust as it drew near the majority mark and through all of this, one goal was paramount and that was the truth. Nothing fancy or grandiose, just the real facts so we could all sleep better at night. While suffering the same trauma as the rest of the country, the vast majority are still forced to endure being discounted with degrading names and having derogatory titles associated with them for simply voicing their opinion and this is the biggest coincidence.

I feel very strongly about one specific life experience and I'd like to share it with you and your readers. It is simply this; Perfection is lying under a heavy down blanket on a rainy winter morning in a cabin with a low burning fire and a tin roof while knowing that there is no reason to rush. Well, and the fact that there are never any dumb questions. :)

9-11 Conspiracy?

An "Attaboy" to you Colin for having the guts to do this show, a rare breed you are, Sir. As for the supposed conspiracy of September 11, 2001? I'll say a few words on the topic. Lunatics exist in every walk of life but some are more offensive than most. On 9-11, the worlds most technically advanced military failed four times and the people in charge received promotions, was that coincidental? In all history, no steel framed building has "Ever" collapsed as a result of fire but it happened three times on a single day... coincidences? Larry Silverstein, who bought the entire complex for pennies on the dollar and from a personal business associate, had the foresight to insure the buildings (6 months earlier) for a laughable, "Terrorist attack" even though there had never been such an attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor and he collected billions ... another coincidence?

Speaking of Pearl Harbor, Bush's people, including his relatives, wrote the P.N.A.C. document which called for a "new Pearl Harbor" incident as they discussed the sought after U.S. hegemony and domination over mid-east oil and this too, is a coincidence? Consider that the director of security for the World Trade Center and Dulles International airport were none other than the Brother of the President George W. Bush and tell me that this is also a coincidence? How about the facts surrounding the Bush/Bin Laden connections? Heavy investments in Bush companies by the Bin Laden family, special construction contracts given to the Bin Laden family by Bush Sr. who was also in a meeting on 9/11 with ... Osama's relatives on behalf of the Carlisle Group. but there is more. When all planes were grounded, only the Bin Laden friends and families were allowed to fly but no one else, not even victim family members and the fact that the FBI has no evidence connecting Bin Laden to the crime but, we have yet to catch him anyway. Also coincidences? Consider the stock investors who placed "Put" options on United and American Airlines totaling some 600% above average investments for a specific day ... September 11, 2001 and got it right, earning Billions of dollars in returns, another coincidence? How about the fact that a massive military build up was in progress, weeks before 9/11 and on the borders of Iraq, coincidence?

Those are but a few of the examples that are possible to offer as evidence on the truth. You see, I am adult enough to observe the Facts that Governments don't ever benefit by being honest to the people. I am intelligent enough to notice that everything the Government gets involved in ... goes wrong or at least takes three times longer than necessary and I am observant enough to recognize a lie. One other thing, I am also decent enough to understand that it is wrong to degrade people with terribly offensive titles. So even though, many people are so insistent on acting like immature and self assured (but misguided) lunatics by calling people names like "Conspiracy Theorist" when they, themselves, act only as "Coincidence Theorist", I'll never stoop to their level.

Freefall = Demolition

There is no escaping the fact that free-fall acceleration of Building 7 means it was demolished. And there is no denying that the government's NIST report ADMITS free-fall occurred. This is conspiracy fact - not theory. Why? Because it takes time to wire a super-structure. WEEKS. It cannot be done in a few hours. It had to have been rigged pre-9/11 by those with access.

A single column failure cannot cause the symmetrical destruction of a skyscraper across its entire face -- at ANY speed. Let alone free-fall. Furthermore we have foreknowledge of an unprecedented event. Fires have never brought down a high-rise. NIST is invoking a new phenomenon and hiding its models.

Just more delusion

"In reading through the comments I am heartened by how many individuals are responding positively to this show."

That's because they are all truthers to begin with, drawn like moths to a flame. I did a quick search on "Colin McEnroe" and "9/11" and the show was linked on every truther mill out there. It's your traveling echo chamber not a groundswell of public support.


Your disclaimer should read.. "I firmly believe in the Easter bunny and his intentions to kill us all because he hates our freedoms. I also do no condone or believe in rudimentary physics and there for submit my ignorance and soul to the propaganda and massive collective idiocy of the state."

Surprised to hear this discussed on Public Radio

I applaud the bravery of NPR to broadcast this story on the air...
However I remain filled with trepidation to speak out on MY own about my beliefs regarding nine-eleven.

We have yet to see the suspension of civil liberties on a wholesale level.
But we will.
People who speak out will disappear or be silenced. "We know where your kids go to school. We know where your elderly parents live. If you choose to continue to speak out, consider their residences going up in flames, or the children being dismembered in the schoolyard...."

Who will speak out then? We have already passed the tipping point.

Checking out that perception of a “Conspiracy Theory”

If you are unsure about the existence of a conspiracy like the one being talked about (or dismissed), there is a simple test that you can do to see for yourself. It is really simple. Here is what you do … First in a post or two below here you will see (“Data about WTC7 that NIST won't release due to public safety concerns”), you will see a quote from Michael Newman starting with “Section 7(d) of the National Construction Safety Team (NCST) Act …” 1) Take this entire quote and write to your Members of Congress (Senate and House), 2) ask the congressman to check with NIST to verify if ‘it’ is an accurate statement, 3) request the congressman to also ask if the ‘withheld’ data is being provided to architectural and structural engineering student (who are building the next generation of buildings we will living and working in) as a learning tool, and 4) request that the congressman ask NIST to make it available. Now … with these simple four steps, watch the congressional office work hard to avoid doing this simple constituent request (after all they all say on their websites that they will assist you in getting an answer from a federal agency). If you do get a response from NIST, it will not address your question. You may then ask … what is up? Then you can see that there is an ongoing conspiracy of silence and censorship. Fear of even ‘asking the question’ is what we-all are up against. This sounds like there is something to hide. It smells like a C-O-V-E-R-U-P.

Can the tide be turning?

In reading through the comments I am heartened by how many individuals are responding positively to this show. 9-11 was perhaps America's most significant moment of the last half century, if there are responsible voices questioning the events of that day they should be heard. I was disappointing that all the guests were on the same side of this issue. Although Colin made some comments supporting the official theory, I don't believe he is an expert. There should have been an engineer or physicist in the conversation who supported the official theory, or at least an explanation of why there wasn't one. If you are interested in this topic (and every American should be)please do your own research online. Thanks for doing this show Colin, you got guts kid.

Data about that NIST won't release due to public safety concerns

NIST developed what is called a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) model to understand the collapse of the WTC7 building. This FEA represents all of the connections and structural members of the super-structure and then this allows the destruction to be simulated. The best that NIST could do with their fire and column 79 failure hypothesis (and a few million dollars to do it) was a simulation that does NOT resemble the actual building destruction as shown in the following YouTube comparison:

When asked for the data for the FEA model so architects and engineers could study the failure (of a building that no longer exists) NIST said, "NO!" as documented below.

It looks like fraud and smells like fraud to me. As an engineer I am ashamed that someone in my profession would violate their code of ethics and publish this erroneous analysis.

“Section 7(d) of the National Construction Safety Team (NCST) Act exempts from disclosure "information received by NIST in the course of investigations regarding building failures if the Director finds that the disclosure of the information might jeopardize public safety." Indeed, the NIST Director has determined that the release of 3,370 files from the ANSYS analysis results, based on Case B temperatures might jeopardize public safety, and therefore, these files have been withheld.

The decision to withhold the data was based on the fact that the capabilities of the WTC 7 collapse initiation and global collapse models are unprecedented, in that they provide validated models that can predict collapse of typical tall buildings. If released, these models would provide a powerful tool to groups and individuals interested in simulating building collapses and devising ways to destroy buildings.”

Source: NIST's response (Michael E. Newman, Senior Communications Officer) to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to RB, Structural Engineer in California, June 24, 2010

How do you spell C-O-V-E-R-U-P?

911 documentry - things that need attention.

So I made a film about this last year. There are too many assumptions and this comes from a lack of information. Unfortunately, the US government has been blocking access to the information needed to get a full understanding of the situation.

If you want to watch my film, here is the FB Page:

That morning, after watching

That morning, after watching gargantuan plumes of dust shoot out of the towers, millions people, including famous news anchors and reporters from major networks, were saying, without hesitation, on camera, off camera, at work, to each other, everywhere we went, that the buildings had exploded, or looked just like a controlled demolition in a documentary, or looked just like a building being blown up in a movie. Because it was what it was, and it looked just like what it was: buildings exploding. This is not complicated. But, somehow, we forgot this. Until recently, almost nobody knew that a third skyscraper was also taken down. It wasn't hit by a plane, but if there were video of it being hit by a plane before it turned into dust, you can be sure that image would have been pounded into our eyes just as brutally as so much video of the Twin Towers was. But one plane crashed and did not hit its target. Hmmm... A plane crashes and doesn't hit its target. A third skyscraper turns to dust for no apparent reason. Most people don't even find out about it until five or ten years later. Barry Jennings' report of how he and a close associate of Giuliani barely survived bombs going off in that third building -- before two of the hugest and strongest towers ever built were transformed into mostly dust and went flying through the air -- was aired that morning and can still be viewed online. We applaud NPR and Colin McEnroe for being rational enough to just talk about this openly. To help cover it up is, in some cases, criminal, but in most cases simply everyday inexplicable human behavior -- another case of lemmings-over-a-cliff stuff. I so look forward to the the complete disappearance of the influence of corporate news, which the 9/11 awakening is making inevitable.

No further point of

No further point of discussion? You got that right. Not so easily dismissed? Wrong, very easily dismissed.

"entirely unsubstantiated"???

More like "fully cognizant questioning" by qualified professionals that cannot be so easily dismissed.

Sadly, your comment is a trite dismissal from start to finish, leaving no further point of discussion.


You mean your truth. There's nothing gutsy about perpetuating myth. In fact, I would argue that giving a platform to the entirely unsubstantiated 9/11 conspiracy pablum prevents a serious debate and review of the events FOLLOWING the 9/11 attacks. That's where the coverup lies, in how this was able to take place and how it was used to justify military adventurism.

American taking a right turn into the wrong neighborhood

Bravo to you all for hosting this discussion. I hope you will inspire many more media people to break the veil of media silence on the numerous logical errors and other problems with the official 9/11 stories.

Mr. Non-Producer: For Shame: your disclaimer made absolutely no sense.

There are volumes of hard evidence that the official story doesn't hold up to science, nor even to itself.

You don't need any conspiracy theorists to realize there is a problem, once you compare official statements to each other.

In fact, there are SO MANY glaring contradictions within the official story that author David Ray Griffin dedicated an entire book to the subject: 9/11 Contradictions; An Open Letter to Congress.

Things that should raise your eyebrows, if not the hair on the back of your neck:

– The 9/11 Commission failed to make even one mention of Building 7's collapse in their official report, and the US media obediently never raised the question.

– President Bush and VP Cheney did not testify under oath, nor were notes taken about their conversation with the 9/11 Commission. Bush under-funded and stalled the 9/11 Commission for 1.5 years.

– Not one single US official was fired despite numerous breaches of security protocol. In fact, all in charge were promoted under the Bush Administration.

— Thousands of tons of materials from the 3 WTC buildings were carted off to China before any investigation ever began. This is called "Destruction of Evidence".

– 70% of 9/11 families questions remain unanswered.

email from Wade

Given that you start out by saying that you "missed much of the show", you should take the time to listen to the full program before calling gutsy and knowledgeable professionals who are putting their reputations on the line for pointing out the truth.

explosives in WTC towers 1, 2, & 7

Regarding comment from Maureen above regarding presumed impossibility of getting explosives into buildings. please google Kevin Ryan, fired whistleblower from Underwriters Laboratories and his four part series, one of which is "Demolition Access to the World Trade Center Towers." Highly revealing/interesting tenants/companies at the WTC!

9/11 reporting

Connecticut Public Radio! You are helping redeem public radio in my opinion. Even the once proud and independent NPR (whose budgets have been so drastically cut in the last thirty years) did not honestly report on the huge numbers of pre-war, anti-war crowds in Washington D.C. estimated verbally by many, presumably experienced, friendly, on -the -scene policemen to be "half a million" in strength. Same was true in NYC a month later, with similar crowd sizes.

Though MAINE Public Broadcasting Network got the numbers right (they had a reporter on the bus with us), by the end of the weekend, NATIONAL Public Radio was terming us “protestors numbering in the TENS OF THOUSANDS.” That was not exactly false, is it, but certainly gave a misleading impression.

Just as does the remembered TIME magazine cover showing an apparently “typical’ protestor at the 1999 World Trade Organization protests in Seattle. Seated on his big motorcycle was a hugely scary looking, long-haired, shirtless, tattooed man. Okay, he was really there (maybe hired by the FBI as in these COINTELPRO-revived days of provocateurs). But where were the 2003 crowd-size pictures of all the respectable, middle-class looking protestors, the teachers, the wheelchair-riding, the nuns, people of all faiths, respectful, respectable-looking ‘youth’ of all ages carrying so many heartfelt inspiring signs?? Representation of all of America was there, but did the Americans staying home looking at their TVs see it???? NO.

The existence of military grade nano-thermite has been proven to be in the dust of numerous samples of WTC dust, which BY LAW was supposed to be tested for explosives and was not). Controlled demolition experts around the world, military officers for 9/11, former heads of state, former intelligence leaders, firefighters for 9/, architects and engineers for 9/ all doubt the official conspiracy theory (OCT) shown to be so deceitful. Listen to “In Their Own Words”, the family members’ story. But has this been in the news? Not seriously, and mostly, not at all. Regarding the common claim of impossibility to keep a secret: the Manhattan Project to produce the bomb involved 30,000 people and via compartmentalization was kept top secret for years/until the bombs were dropped.

There HAVE been plenty of whistleblowers: google the names FBI agent Robert Wright, FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, ’04 Citizen Commission Hearing testifier Indira Singh, former WTC financial employee Richard Andrew Grove, “Crossing the Rubicon” author Michael Ruppert.

If a tree fell in the forest and nobody was there to see/hear/REPORT it, then did it really fall? That philosophical conundrum is precisely what we have here with most never having heard of any of the above knowledgeable professionals, or subsequent scientific researchers such as founder Richard Gage, Underwriters Laboratory chemist Kevin Ryan, Canadian Peace Studies Prof. Graeme MacQueen, or ‘Building 7” because it /they either weren’t part of the Commission Report, and/or later, were left unreported.

Contribute to the “BuildingWhat? org campaign for public awareness to help rectify this failure to uncover the real, complete story. See David Ray Griffin’s “The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions”, for one place to start. Read (Amazon book reviews help) L. Fletcher Prouty’s “The Secret Team,” the expose’ of the CIA’s cold-blooded methods of “maintaining national security during the Cold War.” Who is really calling the shots?

It will take many more civic-minded, America-loving folks joining in this endeavor to hold the truly guilty accountable. There is no statute of limitations on murder. And as Lincoln said: “History isn’t history if it isn’t the truth.”!

Though I live up in Maine, I

Though I live up in Maine, I count myself lucky to have heard about this program via a most excellent website called, and I join the scores thanking you here for airing this program. It is a good reminder that journalism suffers today from a lack of real investigative reporting. If more media discussed this issue seriously (instead of always deriding as 'nutcases' the courageous patriots who demand the truth via a real –preferably international-investigation that has subpoena power) then more Americans would be much better informed. Indeed, they'd be saddened and inflamed to know that 'their government' has in the past fifty years overthrown or helped to overthrow over fifty duly elected governments around the world.

For those needing more confirmation than the bank bailout that 'our government' does not always have our best interests at heart, google 'Operation Northwoods' for a very eye-opening document. It was a plan by the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the early sixties to carry out attacks on American citizens, in America, blaming them on Castro, to 'justify' to the American people an invasion of Cuba. Fortunately, Kennedy refused to approve this 'false flag' operation.

As former Navy Seal and Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura stated last week during one of the many interviews he gave on mainstream media (!) while discussing his (with Dick Russell) new book called "63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read" : "When MacNamara came through while I was teaching at Harvard University Institute of Politics (see: , he admitted that the Gulf of Tonkin incident NEVER HAPPENED."

Yes, I know, Ventura is probably considered by most NPR listeners-as heretofore by myself- as a wrestling buffoon, but my regard for him as turned around 180 degrees.! Check out the interviews for yourself. He was on CNN, Howard Stern/Sirius radio (far more immune, it seems, to mainstream political censorship), among others. Perhaps some of the more staid ones did not know he would talk about 9/11.

Have you ever heard of most highly decorated former Marine Corps Major General Smedley D. Butler's "War is a Racket," conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses"? He continued "I wouldn't go to war again as I have done to protect some lousy investment of the bankers. There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket."

As someone noted above, the Project for a New American Century, (with many familiar neo-cons soon to inhabit that swamp known as the Bush Administration) stated that America would not likely endorse the military buildup required for the hegemony it recommended "absent a Pearl Harbor type event."

Voila. Didn't the heinous attacks of September 11, 2001 help out their agenda to invade, occupy and control the oil!?! With General Electric and other defense machinery corporations owning much of the corporate media, it's no wonder the cheerleading for war that occurred and still goes on as we’ve forgotten it all in light of demonization of Iran and mis-translations of its leaders words. Here we go again? History is not our strong suit.

Al Qaeda ties to Intelligence

'Al Qaeda' (the database) is a creation of the CIA. Our government created and trained Al Qaeda which stemmed from the Mujahideen that fought the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s. Our government continued to utilize this network in the Balkans in the 90's and all the way up until Sept. 11 in Central Asia. Numerous FBI whistleblowers (not conspiracy junkies) have reported that Osama Bin Laden remained a US intelligence asset throughout this time. Is it just coincidence that our chief nemesis is a CIA asset? Is it coincidence that 9/11 ringleader Mohammed Atta had ties to our military intelligence? What about the fact that 5 of the alleged hijackers trained at US military bases as reported in Newsweek? What about the close ties, personal and business, between the Bushes and the Bin Ladens and Saudi royalty? More coincidence. How about the close ties between US and Saudi intelligence where 15 of the patsies originated.

Like it not, if the towers were brought down with explosives and the hijackers were tied to our government, 9/11 was a false flag operation.
Subsequent botched terrorist attacks, such as the 'Underwear Bomber' and the 'Shoe Bomber' also have these hallmarks and deserve more scrutiny. WHO is behind the terrorism? WHO is pulling the strings? WHO has the ability to demolish buildings which require weeks to wire?
WHO has access to nanothermite and Ames strain anthrax? People in a cave or Los Alamos and Ft. Detrick?


I was very happy to hear this show examining a very important and serious subject. Your guests were extremely informative and helpful in providing qualified detail and background. If NPR does not stand for examining such a serious, important and still developing study of the horrible events of 9/11, than NPR stands for nothing and should cease to exist. Colin, the fears that you and your producer displayed in facing the facts and actually discussing this important issue based on facts was apparent throughout the show. Shame on you for not being intellectually honest. I couldn't tell if you were just providing yourself with some form of cover, did not do your research in preparation for the show or just weren't paying attention. The examples you cited were jaw dropping, unrelated in magnitude and juvenile at best. Thank you again for doing the show. I have always felt that is what NPR is supposed to provide - a true alternative.

9/11 truth

9/11 has to rank as one of the most evil crimes of all time. Since it was such a great crime it should of been investigated more thoughly. It is patently clear it was not investigated in a through manner.Any ivestigation into drug smuggling or the murder of one person would probably been conducted in a more professional manner. One question anyone must ask when a crime has been committed is, "who would benefit the most from the crime?" It is no secret that people such as Zbigiew Brzezinski and the people he serves wanted to project U.S. power and influence into the region encompassing Afganistan, Iraq, and the oil producing area around the Caspian Sea. Mr. Brzezinski and many others have plainly stated that they see control over this strategicarea as the key to global dominance. Mr. Brzezinski also knew that the window of opportunity for U.S. action in the area was very small.The American people would not have the political will to use our status as the worlds only super power to cement our global dominence without a " truly massive and widely percieved direct external threat." I would contend that 9/11 presented the American people with just such a threat. 9/11 has made it possible to increase defense and intellegence spending,In his book "the Grand Chess Board", Brzezinski also comments on the fact that something must be done about American entitlement programs, including social security, if we are going to be able to afford the military strenght needed to accomplish the structuring of a new world order. Now if dominence of the globe is at stake men of action would not hesitate to use whatever means availabe to them in order to accomplish their objectives. It is quite possible that there are forces within our own goverment who have the means and motivation to act ruthlessly in implementating a "false flag" operation. I cannot with any certainty say that such a terible thing has come to pass but I would like to point out that there is plenty of evidence pointing in the direction of those who had the greatest motive and means of commiting the crime. Alqueda is a pennyante organization compared to the forces that are actively seeking global domination today. 9/11 was a pretext for these forces to get everything on their wish list. It has and is all comming true and according to plan.

Hard Evidence

The producer's recorded comments about a lack of hard evidence supporting demolition claims is off-the-mark. In fact peer-reviewed scientific studies have confirmed engineered high explosives (superthermite) in all WTC dust samples studied. It's not a 'conspiracy theory' when there's a published scientific paper that is peer-reviewed -- and then independently replicated by other chemical engineers like Mark Basille. Furthermore the existence of molten steel at the crime scene is already conclusive that explosives were used. We all need to pull our heads out of the sand and deal with the reality of what happened. It's time to wake up and stop talking about Saddam Hussein and WMDs. We need to have a real 9/11 investigation before we can move forward.


Any one who takes the time to look at all of the evidence about 9/11 must come to the conclusion that our government is lying to us. This really is a grave situation, and Colin, as a citizen you must be informed, you have to do your homework.You may wish to read Zbigniew Brzezinski's The Grand Chessbooard. The whole book is interesting but sould you lack time I believe you would find the conclusion most illuminating. You may also go to the web site "The Project for the New American Century" and read any of the materials there. You may gain some insight into the mind set of these types of "globalists".Since I know everyone has such a short attention span I will finally suggest that you read "Brainwashing: How The British Use The Media for Mass Psychological Warfare" by L. Wolfe. It can be found at The title sounds intimidating but to anyone who has an interest in media studies it is a must read.


Colin, You made the right choice to air this show Connecticut may be the state that brings out the truth of 9/11.
The trail in New Haven with April Gallop who was inside the pentagon,the U of H holding a seminar for 9/11 truth then your show. I am very proud of our state and you and all who stand for the truth.

E-mail from Wade

I can’t comment directly about 9/11 Truthers because I missed much of the show but I did hear a few minutes. My general feel for conspiracy theories is that I don’t believe them because they seem to require levels of intelligence, coordination and secrecy that I don’t think governments can muster. How many people must have been involved with this conspiracy? How many mid/low level agents would have been involved with preparing the attacks? These Americans would have been OK with killing thousands of Americans? Nothing has leaked in this day and age of massive leaks? How many programs did I hear on NPR after the various Wikileaks stories about just how bad our government is at keeping it’s secrets. But they keep this one?

I caught a few minutes of a program on National Geographic channel last night as well. An explosives experts showed how much evidence would have been left behind that just wasn’t there. Also how much preparation, including using blow torches to cut and weaken main beams, is done in preparing for a controlled explosive demolition. Again, how would this have been done in secret in what were some of the busiest office buildings in the world? For the Truthers it then cam down to Nano Technology Thermite explosives. OK.... Now were into SciFi.

I liked your examples of the Civic Center, Mianus and others. These were engineering disasters that weren’t supposed to happen. I doubt even with all the engineering technology available in 2001 that if you asked experts to map out what would happen if a fully fueled airliner were to crash into a Twin Tower, they wouldn’t get the answers 100% correct. Somethings would happen that weren’t foreseen.

My feelings on the stonewalling that did happen during the investigations was more to protect people of embarrassment (for lack of a better word). I think we learned that there was plenty of intelligence pre-9/11 but it wasn’t used or shared between the various intelligence agencies.

One other point, I heard the figure that about 1400 engineers, architects, etc have signed on to the conspiracy theory. On its face it sounds like a big number. But how many engineers, architects, etc. are in the America/the World? 1400 is probably a very very small percentage. Also known as the fringe...

9/11 truth

Colin and Cheryl, do download "9/11 Unveiled" -- it's FREE at -- and summarizes about 8 years of research by an engineer who has worked in the private sector, the US government, and the World Bank.

If you would like a free hard copy, email us.

E-mail from Rena in Washington

This is an exceptionally important topic that we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about.

I applaud the courage of the members of your staff who advocated for this show.

E-mail from MRP

911 building failure is an important issue. I reviewed the "truth" website ~ 5 years or so ago - and was of course stunned to see the points about building structural failure (bending and twisting), vs intentional demolition (blown into dust bits, and falling neatly into one place). Having been trained as an architect, I actually learned the way in which building fail, and had years of tedious assignments for the structures coures. The failure of 3 steel frame buildings - designed in an era where over-design and great caution were the standard - is not at all the same as roof failures due to snow loads (as in the case of the civic center).

Ten years later, I am not sure who can do anything. Unfortunately those who speak up tend to be a bit dramatic. However given the sneaky way in which G.W. Bush (II) became President in 2000 and again in 2004 - more citizens ought to reflect upon the complex sequence of events - that have resulted in an onerous national debt.

The following is a direct quote from:

"Section V of Rebuilding America's Defenses, entitled "Creating Tomorrow's Dominant Force", includes the sentence: "Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor" (51).[13]

Though arguing that Bush administration PNAC members were complicit in those attacks, other social critics such as commentator Manuel Valenzuela and journalist Mark Danner,[37][38][39] investigative journalist John Pilger, in New Statesman,[40] and former editor of The San Francisco Chronicle Bernard Weiner, in CounterPunch,[41] all argue that PNAC members used the events of 9/11 as the "Pearl Harbor" that they needed––that is, as an "opportunity" to "capitalize on" (in Pilger's words), in order to enact long-desired plans."

Future state and national elections are going to fixate on the debt. It is still very relevant to trace back the justifications (of the previous administration) for spending a trillion + on military equipment, as well as the impact of war on lives around the world.

E-mail from Gary

Two thumbs up to the 9/11 show today. It was such a breath of fresh air to hear this important discussion on NPR. But I have to take offense to your producer equating those who question the Sept. 11th attacks with "Roswell Area 51 Alien spacecraft" conspiracy theorists. I am quite certain that (1) alien spacecraft do not frequent the earth's atmosphere, (2) man has in fact landed on the moon, and (3) President Obama is a U.S. citizen ...etc., but I am not sure who planned and orchestrated the Sept 11th attacks. Patrick claimed there is only fragmented evidence for believing in an alternative theory, but I would like to point out the lack of "official" evidence:

Where are the airport security camera video tapes of the alleged hijackers?
Every photo/video of the field in Shanksville, Pa. is missing something crucial---wreckage. The official story is that the plane went straight down into the soft earth and completely buried itself. How plausible is this?
I have yet to see one of the more than eighty surveillance tapes from cameras in and around the Pentagon that would presumably show the approaching plane. Why not?
Why didn't N.I.S.T. test for explosives in the WTC debris pile, even though it is protocol to do so when a building collapses? (Independent analysis from at least four different sources of dust has found military grade nano-thermite explosives.)
The most powerful military in history is unable to find Osama Bin Laden because he's hiding out in a cave somewhere on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan (though he has been able to release video and audio tapes).

Interestingly enough, the government did find a passport of one of the alleged hijackers on a street next to the World Trade Center, and another hijacker's passport just happened to somehow land on the ground in Shanksville, Pa. before the plane buried itself. Also, I'd like to point out that virtually all of the "official theory" facts come from one source---"Pentagon officials".

The one conclusion that every open minded, rational thinker must agree on is that "something" is being covered up. I believe we have not only a right, but a duty to do all we can to expose whatever that "something" is. I wish I could trust my own government, but in an age where banks are too big to fail, and corporations have the legal rights of personhood, I'm afraid that our leaders have gotten away with promoting a fraudulent myth. A lie which has been used to justify the bombing of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen and Libya. How many more countries will the U.S. attack before it is OK to question whether the Bush administration was negligent or God forbid, complicit in the events of Sept. 11, 2001?

E-mail from Jacqueline

Thank you for agreeing to do this show. I called in for 40 minutes repeatedly and was met with a busy signal each time. People definitely were listening, and it lit a spark.

I finally got queued up but we ran out of time before I could share a comment. I listen to your show often and like the quirky, unique and bold topics you often tackle, so it surprised me that you had reservations about this, because, at least from my vantage point, those who question the official truth we have been fed about 9/11 are not relegated to the fringe of society at all. The many, many people who feel that the official truth is not the whole truth come from many walks of life. They are certainly not to be dismissed out of hand as ultra-leftist whackos—my father is ultra-conservative, and he too feels that we were lied to. When I was in Europe this idea of the US government having deceived us was met with circumspection by some of my friends and talked about quite casually as an assumed truth by others. When someone doesn't want to consider an alternative viewpoint, the fastest way to relegate someone to irrelevancy is to dismiss them as a mere conspiracy theorist. Desperately wanting a reevaluation of 11 September is one of many issues that we the people cannot seem to figure out just how to effectively bring the powers that be to the negotiating table in order to have a more progressive and illuminating dialogue that yields different results (i.e. a new investigation).

This show definitely needed to happen. I appreciated the bravery of the guests in speaking up and asking questions. I thought the woman who represented concerns about Building 7 was well spoken and answered questions thoughtfully and articulately. Every time a caller posed a question, I felt myself jumping off my seat to share an answer.

The things which make me truly suspicious include Building 7 (crazy), the squibs, the question of whether jet fuel can melt steel, questions about the core and accounts of pre-blasts from the basement area given by ordinary workers that day who had no vested interest in questioning the official story because it was unfolding as they spoke about this confusing turn of events.

When you start to ask what is the truth even 911 truth advocates are divided: there are a range of theories of who and the why and the what were really responsible. The cautionary note I wanted to share is that sometimes oppression or corruption endures because people fight amongst themselves and get distracted, and I think it is very important for all those who feel uncomfortable with the version of the truth we have been told call in a unified way for a new investigation because to have an event of this magnitude be misrepresented is truly tragic. The victims of 9/11 have now been 'invariably exploited and thousands of victims have been left in the wake of this day which is used as an enduring justification for violence built on abstractions, yet with thousands of dead bodies and broken families we never see as very real consequences.

I was troubled by Patrick Scahill’s (sp?) concern about the danger of asking these questions, when the greater danger seems to be the intentional failure to ask these questions. I don't understand what is so shocking in the suggestion that our government might have lied to us-they have done it before.

If I ever have children and they attend public school, it troubles me greatly to think of them reading the stock truth that has been manufactured for us without mention of a more nuanced analysis that illuminates the many and diverse voices of those who say 'something just isn't right here.' NPR has an amasing opportunity in that it has a platform to raise tough questions to a large and broad audience. I think the flooded phone lines indicate that though the images of our retaliative aftermath are outright hidden or sanitised at best from our consciousnesses, that 10 years later, much of this country is not reconciled with what happened that day.

Many people bear the brunt of this day and the policies which were made as we first consumed the popular narrative: those who lost loved ones, became sick from helping to save lives, military families, those who were left with traumatising after effects from bearing witness--and that is just in this country. The conscience of the modern North American does not know foreign occupation, does not understand the trauma of having our neighborhoods turned into war zones. So much bloodshed has occurred because of this day we were all arguing about on the radio earlier. It is right to ask questions because complacency often dulls our humanity into allowing the most brutal of injustices-lies and violence.

Thank you for your time, your thoughts and for giving this much needed air space.

P.S. Why We Fight
Not specifically focused on 9/11 but a documentary I thoroughly enjoy and have seen a few times.

E-mail from Bob

Could have been a good show today if you hadn't spent a good 25 percent of the show apologizing for doing the show. That and Mr. McEnroe sort of asking long, defensive, sort of politically correct sort of apologia questions and sort of not letting the guests speak. Mr. Scahill's audio apology for his job defection was, however, quite amusing. Why do you find it necessary to profusely apologize for not censoring yourselves? Although I don't buy any of the conspiracy theories about 9/11 (sorry, hope I didn't offend anyone by saying 9/11!), I think the conspiracy theorists are interesting in their own right simply from a behavioral/cognitive point of view. No time to go there, though, and still have time to apologize fifteen times for doing the show. I can almost smell the sideband fear coming across the radio waves.

Wait, I know how you can balance it all out-have a show about the military tomorrow! You guys are so transparently condescending!

E-mail from Greg

I was so disappointed to listen to your show on 9/11 truthers. You gave these people a platform to spread their delusions. I stopped listening after the umpteenth wild accusation and unsubstantiated claim stated as proven fact. And it was easy to call them out on it! They did it repeatedly, that's how they operate.

Then we veered in to New World Order territory with Cheryl.

Very disappointing from a show I normally appreciate.

Building 7

Barry Jennings, who worked in Building 7, reported experiencing a massive explosion in that building BEFORE either of the twin towers had collapsed. I'd be interested to hear how critics of the truthers can explain that away.

Response to E-mail from Tony

While you're at it, ask them what SEC records got destroyed in the collapse of WTC Building 7. I wonder why much older buildings around Towers 1 and 2 didn't fall, either asymmetrically or into their own footprint, as did Buildings 1, 2 and 7. Maybe they were just built better? But Building 7 housed Giuliani's bunker apparently, so one would expect it would hold up, unless there were extraordinary circumstances.

Response to Bob - recommended DVD

I highly recommend the two-hour DVD created by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. I found it very compelling.

This country has gone through - Exactly!

Our country is like a battered spouse - and we just keep taking it. Currently, those with the most power in our government can do anything, with impunity. When Obama says we shouldn't look back, I look forward to more lawlessness at the top levels of power. Uh oh. A real, independent investigation of the 9/11 attacks is needed. Thank you for today's show - courageous journalism - very rare these days.

Colin, Why is asking for a

Why is asking for a proper investigation of 9/11 so controversial? We would expect as much for any ordinary crime, so why not for this one? Thank you for airing this topic.


Thank you for doing this show. A great film to see is Loose chang 9/11. It documents the political underpinnings of why 9/11 happened and what purpose it served to those who perpetrated it. The historical context is presented concisely and convincingly for anyone who is interested.

Look at the facts

Nanothermite has been found in the DUST. look at the facts!

Explosive Residues
Independent researchers have discovered a highly engineered explosive-incendiary material in several dust samples collected near the WTC site. In their paper, entitled Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe, nine researchers, led by chemist Niels Harrit of the University of Copenhagen, conclude:[i]

“[T]he red layer of the red/gray chips we have discovered in the WTC dust is active, unreacted thermitic material, incorporating nanotechnology, and is a highly energetic pyrotechnic or explosive material.”


[i] Harrit, Farrer, Jones, Ryan, Legge, Farnsworth, Roberts, Gourley, Larsen, “Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe,” Bentham Open Access, 2009.

Building 7

I applaud anyone who actually covers this topic. WTC 7 was a controlled demolition, and it's clear as day. The Free Fall for 2.25 seconds (as admitted by our Govt on page 45 of their NIST report summary) proves that there was ZERO resistance for a period of 8 stories. That means the support beams and core columns were removed for the full length and width of the building, symmetrically and in sync. This can only be done in a controlled demolition.

P.S. High Tech Military Grade Thermite has been found in the WTC dust.

Dissent is Patriotic

Everyone should visit

Everyone should visit Remember Building 7 for the evidence about this very disturbing controlled demolition:

911 Show

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence - Carl Sagan.
Colin, why would you do a show that only shows one side of such a controversial issue? You let the guests throw around "facts" unchallenged. Most of what they claimed can be challenged with a bit of intelligent Googling. For example "pull" was referring to the order for the firemen to get out of Bldg 7 before it collapsed. The people who believe the towers were brought down by controlled explosives are exhibiting confirmation bias. They look for facts to support their preconceived ideas. Your show is much too short to deal with the collection of facts they have managed to collect over almost ten years. I think Patrick Skahill had a really good perspective on doing this show.


What a disappointment to turn on the show today and hear the truthers swinging for the fences with their nonsense. And you let them slide time and again on making sweeping statements and accusations without a shred of evidence. Poor journalism, really shoddy work.

Building 7

I am sending an additional $40 to 90.5 because you had the courage to face comments on "disgusting magical thinking". Since when do "conspiracy nuts" enlist architects and engineers in such high numbers to their cause? One of your callers Wayne presented a Newtonian physics 101 poster at the UHa conference. Physics should be a required course. What your producer calls "conspiracy theory" is critical thinking to those who are willing to recall among other government lies, the Gulf of Tonkin, yellow cake, weapons of mass destruction etc. If Cheney and all were willing to try to deceive General Powell, why wouldn't they deceive lowly citizens.
Keep up the good work.

I thought this was a great

I thought this was a great show on a very important topic. The nature of these things is that hard evidence is difficult to come by when the most powerful people in the world are in a position to suppress the evidence, it will get suppressed. Therefore we must take what facts we can get, draw logical conclusions, and most importantly, make the arguments public so that they can be considered by all. I applaud you for using your show to do that today.

Also, I might remind skeptics that it is now accepted as fact that the US government was aware of the Japanese plot to bomb Pearl Harbor before it actually happened. Though I'm sure raising such an idea would have been as inflammatory as 9/11 conspiracies are now, I was taught this theory by 2 different public school teachers. As time rolls on, the truth tends to come out...

This country has gone through

This country has gone through 10 of the most corrupt and criminal years in the entire history of this country. And still today... Not one single person has been investigated or prosecuted. And as far as your comparison to aliens. Just the huge number of "once in a life time" or "never before in history" events that happened on 911 would be like filling the skies with UFOs and 50 of them were on OPRAH. The fact that there has been NO investigations into the largest most damaging event in the history of this country suggests there ABSOLUTELY needs to be a continuing conversation about it until people figure it out. One thing that is absolutely CERTAIN is this.....If any part of the claims that are made about 911 are true....Then it was all a lie... Every bit of it.... Are you that certain? And what would you do if you even thought it MIGHT BE TRUE ? ? ? Isn't that enough of a reason to investigate?