Colin McEnroe Show: Summertime TV

It's not nearly as bad as it used to be.

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Colin McEnroe Show: Summertime TV
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Colin McEnroe Show: Summertime TV

Back in the days of three, maybe four, networks, summer television was an odd wasteland, mostly re-runs with occasionally odd oases. Ray Stevens hosted a summer replacement series which offered the first full exposure to the dadaist comedy of a young unknown named Steve Martin. 

Summer was a place where, occasionally, the networks took a few chances with little to lose.
Mostly, though, it was horrible, and as you watched television in the summer, there was something wrong with you, some deficit in your waking life. 
Cable has changed all that. The old agrarian cycle of  shows has collapsed. You're just as likely to see something really interesting and even valuable start up on on July17 as on Sept. 17. But all of us still have a finite amount of waking life. We should spend some of it at outdoor concerts. Some of it just watching fireflies.Should we spend some of it watching "Firefly?" 
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I have noticed it. You do do it. But, I wouldn't call it snuffling. More like a quick intake of air before starting a new sentence. I thought the person who pointed this out was actually pretty funny and clever. I couldn't listen to the show today, but I hope everybody got along.
I love your show, Colin.

E-mail from Jim

I just finished listening to The Nose show dealing with TV programs, and I was surprised that nobody talked about the Showtime production Shameless.
I first became interested in the show because of my appreciation of William H. Macy, who plays a hopeless alcholic who is also the patriarch of a Irish-American family living in the south side of Chicago.
I watched the first few episodes with the same infatuation as one would watch a train wreck. Then, I found myself actually caring about the characters, laughing at things that I would be embarrassed to admit that I thought was funny, and crying (literally) at the naked human drama.
And then, on top of everything else, as the season progressed I fell hopelessly in love with Emmy Rossum, who is an extremely talented actor and very easy on the eyes at the same time.
If you haven't seen this show, I strongly suggest that you give it a glance.
(P.S. I am slightly sorrowful that you no longer take emails while airing your shows. It is the only way I have to converse with you while listening, since Fearless Leader here in the office deeply frowns on non-work-related phone calls while he is paying me.)

E-mail from Sara

I've listened to your show from the git go and I've never noticed any strange body noises or offensive sounds emanating from Colin or anyone else in your studio. I do , however, take offense with the utterances of your first guest. Don't have this guy on anymore. I think he is from New York or something so he has no business being on CT public radio where we like The Wire and Deadwood and Mad Men. Hell some of us even like that piece of goth meets white trash trash that is "True Blood". Your guest their, Dr. Snobby Butt can stay in New York looking down his nose at anyone who come between him and his BBC and go see Faith Middleton at her booshee studio on the Hamptons. Let the rest of us slum it here in Hartford with our T.V.s, a bag of ghetto puffs and a case of Mountain Thunder soda from Wal-Mart.

E-mail from Karim

I have to agree with the critic that you definitely do this. It's fairly amusing that it was brought up because during the past fundraising drive there was another broadcaster that had a similar voice to yours. My wife and I ended up debating whether it was you or not and I said definitively that it was not you simply because I noticed that the large inhale that you do was absent. Either way, I find it a bit endearing and it definitely adds to your radio persona. I disagree with the critic that it's an issue and so say to you, no need to change something that's not broken.

E-mail from Frank

I have definitely noticed you make some nasally noise on-air. I was too polite to mention it before but since you asked...

Sometimes it sounds like just a forceful intake of air through the nose just before you start to talk again. (like a singer taking a breath between phrases)
Sometimes it sounds more like a snort or slight nasally slurping sound.

Never bothered me. I love the show and will keep listening regardless.

E-mail from Jenah (re: Snuffling)

You do.
Dig you anyway.