Colin McEnroe Show: 'Til Death Do Us Part

What's the secret to a happy marriage?

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Colin McEnroe Show: 'Til Death Do Us Part
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Colin McEnroe Show: 'Til Death Do Us Part

It's weird the way Al and Tipper Gore got us all talking about marriage

Why them? Couples split up all the time.
Sometimes at night I walk around my neighborhood, a nice, densely packed part of West Hartford with lots of single family houses full of single families, and I say to myself, these are boxes of secrets. Nobody knows what's going on inside except the people in there, and maybe not even then. 
Apparently loving couples wind up calling the cops on each other and people who seem to be at each other's throats night and day stay locked in some kind of amiable grip right to the grave. 
That's why Stephen Sondheim's musical Company stands as such a masterpiece -- a long meditation on the impossibility of long term love and the undying dream of having someone to hold you too close. Someone who knows you too well. Today, we talk of marriage.
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E-mail fro Dennis

Really great show today. Another reason I wish you had more air time !!!

Having been a student and observer of relationships most of my life and also been married and then not...I have taken great solace in 2 statements I have read over the years.

The definition of Love is true concern for the spiritual growth of another.... Dr. M.Scott Peck from The Road Less Travelled.

Men and women are not designed to live together. They should be neighbors and visit frequently. Katherine Hepburn

These statements and how I have learned their meanings and applications have given me strength and depth of feeling that had allowed me to live a more appreciative and content existance. I will not pretend to be a master at relationships as I still am learning what works for me but I feel I do enjoy and bring enjoyment to those in my acquaintance.

I really enjoyed the discussions and viewpoints today and hope you will continue this topic again soon. It is a winner for sure!!


E-mail from Laura

It’s about possession.

You marry someone because you CANNOT stand the thought of the one you love being with someone else - possession.

A woman takes the man’s name – she is his possession.

The marriage contract forces shared property – possession.

Good show.


Email from Karl

Maybe we are having this conversation about the Gores because they are Democrats. I distinctly recall the fainting couch not being pulled out the last time Limbaugh, Gingrich or Giuliani decided to call it quits.
Hell, I didn't even know Rush was up to #4.

No matter what their actions, Republicans who have tawdry affairs (or just hire prostitutes), serve divorce papers to cancer-ridden spouses, or break up to marry their mistresses, are Family Values, and fully qualified to tell others (especially gays and lesbians) what to do.

Karl in Bloomfield

PS If Gina is concerned about age difference: My wife was out of college before I was in high school.