Dan Roberti Discusses Jobs, Politics and Foreign Policy

The Democratic congressional candidate is releasing a detailed jobs plan.

Congressional candidate Dan Roberti.
Dan Roberti presents his ideas on jobs and foreign policy on WNPR's Where We Live. Photo:Chion Wolf
Where We Live: Dan Roberti
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Where We Live: Dan Roberti

Dan Roberti is a little-known candidate from a well-known political family, making a big run at a seat in congress.

Roberti is a democrat running for the 5th congressional district seat, opening up this fall as Chris Murphy makes his run for the Senate. He qualified - if barely - for an August primary against endorsed candidate, speaker of the house, Chris Donovan and former state lawmaker Elizabeth Esty.

He’s has big success in fundraising - in large part because of his father’s connections to the lobbying world - but on a “grass roots” level he says he’s worn holes in his shoes walking the hilly 5th.

Today, we continue our Where We Vote series and give him a chance to take a load off and sit down for an hour to answer your questions.