Faith Middleton Show: The Predictioneer's Game; Heroes And Villains

Faith Middleton Show: The Predictioneer's Game; Heroes And Villains
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Faith Middleton Show: The Predictioneer's Game; Heroes And Villains

The Predictioneer's Game

Game theory is a fancy label for a simple idea: People compete, and they always do what they think is in their own best interest. A master practitioner whose forecasts have an amazing 90 percent accuracy rate, Bruce Bueno de Mesquita uses game theory and its insights into human behavior to predict and even engineer political, financial, and personal events. In this revelatory book, he shares his methods. Bueno de Mesquita games a range of high-stakes negotiations and conflicts, from the North Korean disarmament talks to the Middle East peace process; provides successful strategies to combat both global warming and terror; and shows how game theory can help you in your own life, whether you want to succeed in a lawsuit, elect the CEO of your company, or simply buy a car. Savvy and shockingly effective, The Predictioneer's Game will change how you understand the world and manage your future. Life's game, and how you play is whether you win or lose.

Heroes and Villains: Essays on Music, Movies, Comics, and Culture

In his collection, Heroes and Villains, David Hajdu writes essays about singer Billy Eckstine. Esckstine may not be a houshold name, but in Hajdu's hands he becomes one of the most important and influential pop stars of the last century. Eckstine was the first black singer to sing romantic ballads, to become a sex symbol, and to become as popular as Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra: the most famous white stars of his time. Life magazine printed a photograph of Exkstine surrounded by swarms of fans, many of whom were your white women, sparking the segregation-era controversy which ultimately ended his career. Hajdu interviewed thirty-eight people for this essay, including Tony Bennett, Lena Horne, Bobby Short and Lee Young, to create this nuanced and previously untold portrait of a music legend. Heroes and Villains is a fascinating read for music fans and pop culture junkies alike.