If You Think the Connecticut Debates Have Become Ill-Tempered

Take a gander at Kentucky

Gage Skidmore photo via Flickr Creative Commons

Watch this very disheartening video from the Kentucky Senate debate between Rand Paul and Jack Conway. Amazing how it actually ties in to my Times article on Saturday about atheism: one of the chief complaints of the atheists is how they are stigmatized in society (and indeed polls have shown that an open atheist may have a harder time getting elected in most of America than a gay man or lesbian, or a Muslim). And here we have two Senate candidates essentially arguing about whether kneeling before a Buddha--called here a "false idol"--disqualifies one from the Senate.


But TPM says the Conway hit on Paul might not be the worst of the 2010 campaign.

Adam Hanft breaks down the ugly ads for Salon.

And Thursday's Colin McEnroe Show will look at the latest rounds of campaign commercials in Connecticut, at 1 p.m. on WNPR, with ad gurus Chris Knopf and Steve Wolfberg, plus Matt Kauffman, who truth-squads political commercials for the Hartford Courant.