The Leads Narrow, and We Get Ready for Primarypalooza

Mail piece madness
Photo:Colin McEnroe

The big races are getting tighter, according to the new poll. And Jason the Greek says it'll be all about turn-out. (Pundits always say that, but this time, it really is about turn-out. Didn't the last Jason the Greek get fleeced?) 

With the hours ticking away until Tuesday,  our Attractive Young People Media Lab asked voters what matters to them. 

And here at the Dankosky Building, we're planning a gangbusters day of coverage for Tuesday, starting with Where We Live at 9 a.m., with Bill Curry and Mark Pazniokas breaking down the gubernatorial races. At 1p.m., Christine Stuart, Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz, and Duby McDowell visit the Colin McEnroe Show for "8 Fascinating Political Sub-plots You're Probably Not Following. "

And at 7 p.m., we go back on the air with the full might of the WNPR news team in the field, Mr. D and Colin anchoring in studio, and the Short Yardage Pundits, Bill Curry and Ben Davol, in the studio. We'll cover all the races, talk to our partners and friends in the field, and stay on the air until we get you results. 




Truth in political advertising

Why if we have truth in advertising with products---can't we have the truth in political advertising. The Ned Lemont ad that showed Malloy lived in a house that was remodeled with tax payer money was wrong and that was a blant lie. Why is he allowed to do that? If I could vote in the Dem primary I would vote for Malloy just because Ned lowered himself to that---