The Nose: Facebook, American Idol And Bill Clinton's Lasting Appeal

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The Nose: Facebook, American Idol And Bill Clinton's Lasting Appeal
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The Nose: Facebook, American Idol And Bill Clinton's Lasting Appeal

A recent opinion poll showed that 43 percent of Americans think the American Dream is a thing of the past. President Obama heard the same thing from a 30 year old questioner this week at his economic forum.

The young law school graduate said he couldn't keep up with his old student loans nor could he afford a mortgage or even a marriage. "Is the American dream dead?" he asked.

Barack Obama is, of course, the American Dream. Multi-racial child brought up by single mom, now President of the United States. It doesn't get dreamier than that. And the last democratic president before him, Bill Clinton, who will visit the state on Sunday, had pretty good American Dream cred too.

The Social Network, a new film about the founder of Facebook, is sort of the new Citizen Kane -- an ethically problematic rise from obscurity to stardom in nothing flat. So maybe the American Dream is shifting.

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E-mail from J.H.

I was just shocked and chagrined to learn that Curry and I have something more in common than liberal politics. We both hate Facebook.
Every time I write a message on it, I hit "send" and then I never see it again. It just disappears into the ether.
And I really JUST DON'T GET Farmville!
My distaste for the social media came around and bit me in the butt last week. Two good friends of mine are getting married very soon, and they had a Jack and Jill party last week. They sent out invitations for this party on Facebook only. I didn't find out about it until yesterday.
Suddenly, I feel like the teachers who were my colleagues back in the early eighties when Apple Computers first came into the classrooms. Many of those teachers refused to let them in their classrooms. It wasn't long before those teachers fell behind us "enlightened ones."
Now, suddenly, I"M the dinosaur!

E-mail from James

Social Media/Electronic communication

I doodled and daydreamed throughout high school without electronic means. I was distracted just the same.

Bill Clinton

We have such short memories. Bill Clinton campaigned two years ago and every time he opened his mouth Hilary Clinton's numbers fell.