The Nose: Gingrich's Allure, The Italian Captain Jumps Ship, And Award Show Arguments

We think it's Newt's winning smile & amphibious first name that the ladies love.

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The Nose: Gingrich's Allure, The Italian Captain Jumps Ship, And Award Show Arguments
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The Nose: Gingrich's Allure, The Italian Captain Jumps Ship, And Award Show Arguments

Newt Gingrich, Frencesco Schettino and singer Lana Del Rey. They've all had bad weeks and probably none of them wants to be lumped in with the other two. All three have come in for quite a bit of scorn over the last few days, and they'll all be discussed on this episode of The Nose.

Gingrich, of course, is in the thick of a fight for the Republican nomination and, even as he burst in the lead in South Carolina, he was dragged back into sordid and painful stories about the sloppy conclusions of each of his first two marriages.

Schettino is the captain who violated seafaring tradition and abandoned his ship way the heck too early. The denunciations of his cowardice are a reminder that, even in this post-modern age of irony and giving up on weverything, there are still places where virtue is expected ad demanded.

And Del Rey. She might be an example of a wine that was served before its time. But how do you spell wine?

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*A male panelist made the

*A male panelist made the original comment I remarked on. I think it was Rand; not sure. Apologies if mistaken.

Per Rand*, Newt is a "violent

Per Rand*, Newt is a "violent geek who happens to be...very smart."

We may using different definintions of "smart" here.

Newt Gingrich is a stupid person's idea of what a smart person sounds like. Newt's audience wants "smartness" to be some crazy kind of biazrro knowledge made up not of any kind of learnedness, but of equal parts verbal assault (projection) and shielding himself from real scrutiny.

To me, that Juan Williams (and John King) are Newt's idea of being grilled reflects three things: Juan Williams has done some near-unique needle-threading to get a Fox News paycheck while committing actual journalism. It's fun to hear the serial marriage 'victim' Newt whine about being asked about values in front of values voters. And Newt is a whiny brat who, after years of dishing it out, thinks that getting cheering by a mob at a pep rally shows he can take it.

Oh, and did anyone see Howard Fineman in absolute shock that Newt and such were not in love with the mainstream media? Fineman's not alone, but any Beltway Inbred that surprised ought to be looking for another line of work.


While I appreciate all of the great political conversation I also wanted to mention we have lost both Etta James and Johnny Otis this week both who share space on my I pod and will be missed by many


Honey, can we have a Gingrich?
My husband asked this morning. Has a Gingrich entered the lexicon at anyone else's house?
PS, He was kidding.


Audiences should not be able to respond during the debates.

Republicans respond in lockstep eg. Anthony Weiner, Dems are less together