The Nose: Obama, Mosques And 'Sperm Comedies'

Our pop culture roundtable talks politics, religion and the latest movies.

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The Nose: Obama, Mosques And 'Sperm Comedies'
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The Nose: Obama, Mosques And 'Sperm Comedies'

While listening to this show about the Obama-as-Muslim meme, the debate over the downtown Manhattan community center and mosque and the dust-up between Bill O'Reilly and Jennifer Aniston about sperm donor comedies, one of our listeners, Jane, sent us this:
"It is a bit embarrassing to have been concerned with the human problem all one's life and find at the end that one has no more to offer by way of advice than 'try to be a little kinder.' "-Aldous Huxley, novelist (1894-1963).

Good one, Jane. It does seem as though kindness is in short supply in all these debates.

Anger, on the other hand ... well, there seems to be a broad supply of that. Are angry people funny? If Archie Bunker were on the air today, he'd be clinging hard and fast to the notion that Barack Obama is a Muslim.  And it would be funny. Putting those lines in Archie's mouth would be a comedy writer's dream.

But this week a couple of polls came out, each of them  suggesting that large segments of the American voting public really believe this. Suddenly, it's not a joke.

Once a week on a Friday show called The Nose, we try to talk our way through a few issues like this. What does it mean when people say they think the President is a Muslim? Is it a coded version of some other statement? Eighteen percent of the respondents in a Pew survey - up from 11 and 12 in previous studies - have signed onto the Obama-as-Mulsim notion. Is that because you can find 20 percent of the American population that believes just about anything? That the sun revolves around the Eart? Or that ghosts are real?

A caller named Scott from Hebron -- a guy who thinks WNPR and our show in particular tilt to the left and condescend to the right -- said Obama had failed to cover his heart on one occasion, had failed to wear a flag pin and had attended a church when the minister heatedly condemned the United States -- all symptoms that there's something about Obama he's not telling us.

A listener named Dori emailed us:
"FYI, I was in the Iowa primary campaign and my close friend who was at the mentioned venue in which Obama did not put his hand on his heart said that he did not see the other people on the stage from where he was standing. Also, it was during the national anthem, not usually a time when we stand with hand on heart. In other words he didn't realize that everyone else had taken this body position and that he looked out of place."

Not sure this would assuage Scott.  

We hope you'll listen to the whole show. Mark Oppenhemier's description of what the downtown community center really is and what kind of drift it represents in the assimilation of Muslims was terrific.

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coded version of some other

coded version of some other statement?
No code; just some other statement. I don't believe Hussein Obama is a muslim (nor a christer). Nor much of an Americano, now that I'm asked, regardless of his place of birth.

The Nose

When I see and hear information being understood, known , mis-known or misunderstood as these items that were polled. As well as watching Howard Dean verbally tap dance, I feel like it is a real indictment of the educational system in our country. Break out the duct tape and plastic wrap!!!

coded version of some other statement?

a couple of polls came out...

Came out? What, like flowers tropismatically opening in the sun? Didn't somebody commission them? The KKK, RNC, EIB?
Hand on his heart? Hell, the guy had a family pew, paid dues in the Reverend Wright UCC mcChurch. Personally, I think he's a Unitarian; believes in one god, at most, but American not so much. Nationalism very parochial, narrow minded, dangerous to minorities...
But, speaking of nose...

from Sheldon

I believe the subject of Obama’s religion is just one of a very orchestrated series of issues designed by the Right that lend credence to their position of “Who is Obama?” First it was the citizenship question. Now the religion question. They are painting a picture of an unknown, sinister, rogue individual who somehow duped us all into supporting him yet we don’t know the first thing about him. In their world, the devil horns will soon begin to show and they can claim “see I told you so”.

I’m not sure what the next topic will be – but I’m betting there will be another that ultimately pushes the point that this is a scary guy we really know nothing about.

Sheldon Smith

Woodbury, CT

from Toni

I think it's important to remember that one of the institutions destroyed when the towers came down was a mosque in one of the towers. If a church had been destroyed, don't you think there would be a mass movement to rebuild it? I think that the community center/mosque demands to be built to restore what was destroyed by terrorists.

Toni Moran

From Joe: on the Islamic community center

After WWII at Auschwicz, a Carmelite nunnery was proposed and,after intervention, moved elsewhere.
Firsly, Carmelites are a closed order whose sole purpose is to pray for the welfare of all mankind, but, more importantly we, the rest of the Christian world, lost a forum where we could apologize to Jews for their horrible slaughter, at the hands of Christians.
It also represents the image (if not existence) of GOOD at a place or EVIL.
Let them build.
Joe McBride