The Nose: Politicking Post-Irene; Cheney's New Memoir & Obama's Bungle

The Nose rounds up the week in political culture.

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The Nose: Politicking Post-Irene; Cheney's New Memoir & Obama's Bungle
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The Nose: Politicking Post-Irene; Cheney's New Memoir & Obama's Bungle

One pitfall a leader must avoid involves becoming a Charlie Brown or David Copperfield character. A person to whom things happen as opposed to a person who makes things befall others. 

President Obama has seemed, of late, a big Copperfieldian. Not sure whether he is the protagonist of his own story. And once the pebbles start sliding that way, they can easily look like a landslide. Each new occurrence seems like the confirmation of a pattern. This week, he tried to schedule a major speech about jobs in the hall of the House.
It was the night of a GOP debate, so the leadership turned him down. He wound up getting pushed to the next night, the opening of the NFL season, which means he has to give the speech early so as to avoid the kickoff. He'll be lucky if he's not accompanied by Terry Bradshaw and a telestrator, diagramming the ways the manufacturing sector has to rebound by buttonhooking over the middle.
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Rosa DeLauro in Italy during Irene

I heard the complaints about Rosa being in Italy during Irene and find it frustrating that people are so critical of her. One person talked about how congressmen/women and senators essentially move their lives to Washington and leave their districts alone. This person assumed that Rosa would fly back to DC from Italy. I have no idea if she did that so I leave it there. I do think that Rosa spends a lot of time in the district. I ran into one Sunday morning having breakfast at the late great Clark's Dairy in New Haven. She had tons of paperwork with her. I also ran into her in Filene's (now Macy's) in Milford shopping for stockings. Many powerful people might have had a mignon go out to get their needs, but not Rosa. The clerk said that she often came in to shop there. (Now someone will so, oh all she does is shop...not the point.) the point is that she shops locally, eats locally and represents us well.
My favorite thing about Rosa is that she climbed up to the Crow's Nest on one of the tall ships in New Haven Harbor during the 1995 Special Olympics world games.
Rosa has now explained that she was in Italy for a family wedding and had trouble arranging her trip back earlier. Give the woman a break. She does so much for us and deserves our thanks.


David Copperfield as the magician or is it Dicksonian? Broadcast scheduling. Now there's a sitcom in there in and of itself. Its the beginning of football season? Thank G-d, all those heathens will be off the roadways and will be glued to their native tavern screens and/or home mancaves. Thus sparing Ellee further harrassment on the roads, other than that of the avenging soccer Moms who with fresh resolve know that its not always 'the most wonderful time of the year'. :)