The Nose: Weiner Won't Go Away, But Will Voters Forgive Him?

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The Nose: Weiner Won't Go Away, But Will Voters Forgive Him?
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The Nose: Weiner Won't Go Away, But Will Voters Forgive Him?


Maybe we should accept, at this point, that it does matter much how politicians conduct themselves in their private lives. If we don't accept that, we are going to be disappointed again and again by the politicians we like and, of course, repeatedly thrilled when somebody from the other side takes a tumble. 
Intellectually, I believe that there really isn't much correlation between private behavior and public stewardship. But at some other more basic level, I can't stomach the idea. And Anthony Weiner, anyway, engaged in behavior that crosses out of the purely private. 
If you're a congressman and your response to expressions of political admiration from young women is to send out a picture like that, some aspect of what we're talking about falls into the category of "your behavior as a congressman."
But the other panelists on the Nose will probably see it differently. They usually do.

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E-mail from Victoria

First of all, Love your show.

I love this show. I’m not into football at all so when this show first came on the air, I had no interest in watching it. Your guest is so right! It wasn’t about Football as much as about life in a small town. Great actors, great writing, love the camera angles used…I can go on and on. The best thing about the show for me is the relationship between Eric & Tammy. I love the way the communicate with each other

Got to get back to work! Great show!

E-mail from Sara

Why hasn't Weiner played the sex addict card ala David Duchovny or Tiger Woods? Is this no longer in vogue? Hey man, it's a disease and we need to help these people. A man who loves sex....hmmmm it would appear that every man I know could use a stint in rehab.
I don't care about Weiner. What's the big deal-the full frontal or the lies? Who got hurt? In fact I think that he acted in a very biological and natural way-males want to spread sperm and it feels good to do so. Bush lied about Weapons of Mass destruction and lots of people died. Killing other humans is not natural while sex is. Why are we so afraid of Weiners weiner and not a Bush's arms?

E-mail from Jane

It's hard to imagine a more ridiculous euphemism than "Marrying up, dating down." There isn't any dating involved in what these creeps do.