Protesters, Supporters Greet Obama And Blumenthal

Stamford visit brings out fans, tea party members,

Protesters in Stamford await President Obama's arrival
Photo:Diane Orson, WNPR

Supporters and opponents of Barack Obama were in Stamford on Wednesday. They stood near the hotel where the President attended a fundraiser on behalf of U.S. Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal.  

Melanie Frazier looked on with excitement,  waiting for President Obama to arrive.  "I just came  to get a glimpse..Just to get a wave at him and I’m wearing his t-shirt because he’s still the President," Frazier said.

She and other Obama supporters faced about 150 Tea Party protestors on the other side of a busy street. Protestors were carrying signs that read "Block Blumie" and "No Blumin' Way."  Their chant: "November is coming. Let's vote them out!"

Jenny Ezzell is a member of the Tea Party Patriots. She came to Stamford from Lisbon to send a message to the President and all Washington politicians.  "The policies that have been going on for the last eighteen months have not done what they said they were going to do.  Businesses are not hiring. Banks aren’t  loaning money.  There’s a lot of issues that they said that stimulus bill would correct. It didn’t," she said.

After a glimpse at the scene, Christopher Brian decided to head back to his office a few blocks away. Brian says Obama is not entirely responsible for the nation’s economic woes.

"I personally feel that Obama inherited a very difficult economy and situation and he’s trying to work himself out of it," Brian said.  "There are a lot of complex problems that he’s facing and its not going to be a simple fix."

President Obama was in Connecticut to attend two fundraising dinners for Blumenthal. The first, a $1,000 a plate affair in Stamford.  The other, a private $30,000 a seat dinner in Greenwich.