A Roundtable About Rebates

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A Roundtable About Rebates
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A Roundtable About Rebates

I freely confess that today's show arose from my own sense of consumer exasperation. I don't buy many things, but occasionally one's cellphone breaks and one has no choice. I went to Verizon. The guy and I picked out a phone for me.

He quoted me a price of $200 plus a $50 mail-in rebate. With the feeble, ebbing strength of my dying old phone, I managed one final wheezing flickering internet browser. The MSRP for this new phone was 80 bucks. I pointed this out to my new friend.

He hemmed and hawed and said he could give me a price that, with rebate, would bring me to 80 bucks.

I really wanted to walk out right then and there and cancel my phone and live without one or something. The whole system is so abusive and unreal.  

But instead, I talked my staff into doing this show.

Let us hear your rebate stories and tactics. Leave your comments below, e-mail colin@wnpr.org or Tweet us @wnprcolin.




Aside from the information about rebates, this was a great show about the scientific method. I was so pleased to hear the descriptions of Professor Silk's research, and I plan to use it in my science classes. I love hearing about current scientific research. Thanks.


When you do your show today on rebates, can you please address what consumers can do when they submit the paperwork for rebates according to the instructions and still don’t get the rebate? I don’t thnk I’ve ever actually gotten a rebate despite going through the trouble. (This has happened when buying a printer online and a laptop through Staples.)

What recourse do consumers have?


When purchasing a new cell phone (This has happened more than once), I have received a gift card that they claim can be used like a credit card. It's usually for $50. My husband and I have gone out to dinner and given the waitress the card in addition to a credit card for the balance. It has happened more than once. It never works. We wind up putting the entire bill on our credit card. My way of getting the $50 is to apply it to my ATT bill.


They made them an offer they couldn’t understand (think Godfather)……..mortgage for McMansion……rebate …you name it