Scent of a Celebrity: Tracking An Exploding Perfume Market

We trace the upsurge in perfumes with expert Michael Edwards

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Colin McEnroe with Laura Donna
Laura Donna joined Colin McEnroe and fragrance expert Michael Edwards for an hour long conversation on fragrances, the language of scent, and celebrity perfume. Photo:Chion Wolf
Scent of a Celebrity: Tracking An Exploding Perfume Market
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Scent of a Celebrity: Tracking An Exploding Perfume Market

Back in the 1990s, radio personality Don Imus met Hillary Clinton in person, during a time when his relationship with the Clintons was problematic. On his show, Imus spoke quite sincerely about how good the First Lady smelled. 

And right then, hearing it, I wanted to meet Hillary Clinton and see if I had the same reaction.
Some people -- and it doesn't happen all that often -- are so perfectly matched with the scent they wear that meeting them is a wildly positive olfactory experience. They leave and in a few minutes you wish you could smell them again.
"I can't seem to forget you," goes the jingle for one fragrance. "Your Windsong stays on my mind." 
Most of the time, it's not like that. Whatever it is, it's too much and it's not right ... especially if it was picked out more for its celebrity associations than for the way it smells.
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E-mail from Caitlin

I do not have a question, but merely a comment concerning your guest...

May I just say, that Mr. Edwards has the most pleasant voice. Pleasant as the perfect perfume. I could listen to him speak all day - on any topic :) Such a lovely sounding man.

...and what an interesting topic.

Thank you! Love your show.

E-mail from Danielle

I'm not sure if you address emails during your show, but I'm wondering if any of your guests has any comments for people who can't smell. I am diagnosed as anosmic--I have never been able to smell and have always been curious about perfume. I wonder if the character-typing that one of your guests mentioned would actually be a positive thing for someone like me.