Searching For J.D. Salinger In A New Biography

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Searching For J.D. Salinger In A New Biography
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Searching For J.D. Salinger In A New Biography
If you seek parallels between J.D. Salinger and Thomas Pynchon they're easy to find.
Both were literary geniuses. Both were publicity-shunning recluses. Both men were psychosexually arrested by God knows what primal wound. Salinger seemed able to bond only with very young women and girls. Pynchon had a pattern -- somehow linked to inability to form normal alliances --  of hijacking the wives and partners of his friends. But there are differences. Pynchon seems to have turned a series of corners. He lives a more normal life, with a normal acquired wife, in a less reclusive state than Salinger ever attained. But the biggest difference is a sense of humor. "Catcher in the Rye" is a very funny book, but Salinger eventually stopped finding life amusing. Pynchon sent Irwin Corey, a comedian,  to pick up his National book Award ... as Thomas Pynchon.   
Sasha Stone is editor of Awards Daily. She recently attended a screening of the new J.D. Salinger film at Telluride.
William Hochman completed his dissertation on Salinger in 1994. He’s been reading Salinger since he was 10. He is the co-author of “Critical Companion to J. D. Salinger: A Literary Reference to His Life and Work.”
Donald Brown is a Pynchon scholar with the New Haven Review.