Statutory Rape & The Trouble In Torrington

Plus, how do schools police cyber-bullying?

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Beth Hamilton, Director of Prevention Programs, Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services.
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Thomas Mooney, partner at Shipman and Goodwin, specializing in education law, author of “A Practical Guide to School Law”.
Photo:Chion Wolf
Statutory Rape & The Trouble In Torrington
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Statutory Rape & The Trouble In Torrington

What is this story we're unpacking today? In a nutshell, two Torrington high school football players -- both 18 -- and a third boy -- 17 and therefore unidentified -- were arrested and charged with statutory rape arising from sex with two 13 year old girls. When the news came out, a group Torrington students jumped on social media and publicly blamed the victims. They called the girls whores and snitches, and demanded to know why they were not being punished.

Obviously, all of this happened in the long shadow cast by the Steubenville, Ohio case which also involved football players, rape and humiliating the victim on social media.

On our show today, we're interested in a few things, and those include the ability of schools to regulate this behavior and the changing attitudes toward statutory rape among young people.

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I grew up in Torrington. I can relate to the 13 year olds - I would have loved the attention of an 18 year old and done WHATEVER he asked. This is what I'd been taught - being molested by a family member for years as a child. No one knows the situation these young girls were in - they are innocent. NO 13 year old is ready for sex, whether they think they are of not.