Two Views of Cuba: Carlos Eire on his Exile, and Students Back from Abroad

Carlos Eire calls it "hell on earth," but American students see it differently

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Emily Moran
Alli O'Brien
Hudson Cavanagh
Two Views of Cuba
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Web Extra: Students talking about Cuban music
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Two Views of Cuba
Web Extra: Students talking about Cuban music
In 1962, Carlos Eire was one of 14,000 children airlifted out of Cuba.  He was exiled from his family, his country, and his own childhood by the revolution.  Like many other Cuban refugees, he has a deep loathing for the Castro regime - and wants to stop the increasing flow of tourist dollars going there.
Eire is now a professor of History at Yale University.  His memoir, Waiting for Snow in Havana chronicles his experience during the Cuban revolution and won national book award in nonfiction.  
His is one perspective.
Another comes from American students, studying in Cuba, sitting next to Cuban students, going out to clubs, learning about the culture.  We’ll talk to three who just returned about their experiences and their impressions of the complicated island of Cuba.
Carlos Eire, T. Lawrason Riggs Professor of History & Religious Studies at Yale University,Author of Waiting for Snow in Havana
Alli O'Brien, student at U.C. Berkeley
Hudson Cavanagh, student at Middlebury College, VT
Emily Moran, student at Bard College, NY