The Voicemail Project: Tell Your Story To WNPR

We've started a new hotline thingy. And we want you to call it.

Call 860-580-9677 and tell us your story.
Photo:Illustration by J. Holt / Flickr Creative Commons

WNPR has an experimental radio project and we want you to get involved. The idea is simple - We provide a theme, you call our hotline and tell a story. 

THIS MONTH'S THEME: Work-Related Haiku!

On July 22nd, Colin McEnroe is doing a show all about the haiku, and we want you to write one inspired by the work YOU do. Call up our voicemail number and leave us a message with your haiku: 860-580-9677.

Haiku is unrhymed, syllabic poetry - three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables.

No one will pick up, so you introverts out there don't need to worry about personal interaction!
If you mess up, just start over. Or call the line and start all over again. The beauties of pre-recorded radio!

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