What's In A Short Story?

We look at the composition and trends of the short story landscape.

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Kurt Vonnegut on how to write a short story
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As our attention spans reportedly get shorter, are short stories ready to make a comeback?
Short stories are moving off paper and into the digital realm. Photo:Phil Moore (Flickr Creative Commons)
Brian Francis Slattery
Photo:Chion Wolf
Lucy Ferriss
Photo:Chion Wolf
What's In A Short Story?
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What's In A Short Story?

We’ve talked on this show about the decline of the book - about how new technology and shorter attention spans make it harder for fiction writers to get their stories out in the “traditional” way - and whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Here’s one thing we do know - this new world could mean good news for the writers of short stories.

Today, we’ll explore this form - that used to have a home in dozens of magazines and journals before TV and movies began to dominate the ‘story’ landscape.

Now, it survives in smaller numbers in those same places - but also online and in “Kindle Singles.”

Authors Lucy Ferriss and Brian Francis Slattery join us in-studio and we'll also hear from writer and independent radio producer Ken Cormier. And we'll learn about Kindle Singles with the editor of that venture for Amazon, David Blum.

You can join the conversation about your favorite short stories and authors.