Where We Live: It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's A Lawyer!

Today Lawyers become Superheroes and Comics, Kind of

Where We Live: Lawyers as Superheroes and Comedians
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Where We Live: Lawyers as Superheroes and Comedians

From Atticus Finch to Law and Order, lawyers and the law have been the subject of endless fascination in American culture, including one overlooked pop cultural medium. 

Comic Books!

Images of lawyers and courtroom scenes were a part of some of the very first comic books in the 1930s, and served an educational tool for the young boys and girls who read them. But lawyers have acted as more than just fictional fodder for comics.

Throughout their existence, lawyers have been influential in the development and survival of the comic book industry through years of censorship, copyright disputes and other legal battles.  Today we’ll take a look at the new exhibit at Yale Law Schools’ Rare Books Library that explores this historical relationship between comic books and their fictional and real-life lawyer superheroes. 

And we’ll look at another uncommon role for lawyers – Comedy.  A former stand-up comedian turned lawyer has helped introduce the new skill of improvisation to the lawyerly repertoire in his “Improv for Lawyers” seminars. 



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