Where We Live: Pedro Segarra

Hartford Has a New Mayor

Pedro Segarra
Photo:Chion Wolf
Where We Live: Pedro Segarra
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Where We Live: Pedro Segarra

Hartford has a new mayor.  He says “there will be changes, and these changes will come quickly.”

The capital city is in need of change, after becoming the latest city in Connecticut to lose a mayor to corruption.  Eddie Perez stepped down after being found guilty on 5 charges pertaining to bribery and extortion.

But is Perez an anomaly, or the product of a system of city government that uses its poverty to enrich its politicians?  Is the needed change coming because of a mayor headed to prison, or because of drug violence, troubled schools and a civic identity that is often at odds with its suburban neighbors.

Stepping in to try and make these changes is Pedro Segarra, attorney and former city council president.  He took over from Perez on Friday evening, pledging to reach out, to listen and to reconnect with the state.

Today, where we live, we’ll talk with Pedro Segarra about his vision for Hartford.  Join the conversation.



Public Safety Project

since Mayor Perez has stepped down, does that mean his Special Assistant Charles Crocini who has asked us to be part of the local list of pre-qualified bidders for the Public Safety building is null and void.
We have been working with Mr Crocini and Dwight Bolton as well as JCJ Architects to present qualifed office products for this project that are all on Federal GSA Contract lisings to obtain quality and value pricing for this large project.

Any information you can send me is greatly appreciated.


Al Paglia, VP
USA Contract Furniture
Wellington, Florida 33414