Where We Live: Project Storefronts Gets Creative

In downtown New Haven, working to inspire commerce and creativity

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Alison Grieveson from Refurnished Living
Alan Neider, Upcycle Arts
Julie Chan and Robert Sanchez of Crosby Street Gallery
Where We Live: Project Storefronts Gets Creative
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Where We Live: Project Storefronts Gets Creative

The economic downturn means more empty storefronts in city centers.  But in New Haven, some folks are getting creative

A new initiative called Project Storefronts is revitalizing a section of New Haven by turning vacant storefronts into temporary artist galleries and sites for creative technology

Today we’ll stroll through the old United Way space in the Ninth Square and check in with some of these “creative entrepreneurs” as they launch their innovative ventures.  We’ll visit a curated bookstore of locally made artist books, a "pop up gallery," a store selling goods made entirely of recycled materials, and a collaborative “co-working” space that offers work space and interactive events to bring creative thinkers and artists together to foster more social enterprises.

We’ll also hear from the mayor of New Britain about some of his plans to spruce up a section of his “Main Street.”  Our interview is part of a project with Central Connecticut State University and the public radio project, “Mapping Main Street.” 




Having gone to the opening of this event I can hardly wait to be considered...It is very exciting, well planned out and incredibly promising!!!


Great feature. Love the pop-up gallery bit.

Wow - I wish Hanover (PA)

Wow - I wish Hanover (PA) would do this !!