Where We Live: Reporters on Health Care Reform

What's happeing in MA, CT and VT?

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Arielle Levin Becker
Photo:Chion Wolf
Where We Live: Reporters on Health Care Reform
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Where We Live: Reporters on Health Care Reform

This week, state officials got a visit from an administator in the Obama administration - who gave the state high marks for its efforts to implement health care reform.

But tell that to supporters of a “public option” under the state-run SustiNet plan, who held a rally to try and get that back into the state’s reform plan.   

Meanwhile, in Vermont, we’re hearing some say that state is moving toward “single-payer” health care - a kind of holy grail for some reform advocates.  Others say, hold on...it’s not really a single payer system.

And what about Massachusetts, the place that started this whole health reform thing?  How is “Romneycare” doing five years in?  

Our rollicking regional reporter roundtable takes on health care reform - and you can join the conversation – Where We Live – right after this news.



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