Where We Live: Revitalizing Downtowns Through Transit

Can public transit be the answer to our downtown woes?

Lee Einsweiler
Photo:Chion Wolf
Where We Live: Transit-oriented Redevelopment
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Where We Live: Transit-oriented Redevelopment


Town planners are trying to harness the power of transit to revitalize downtowns. 

It’s something we’ve talked about quite a bit on Where We Live – but the idea is taking new shape in a project by Connecticut Main Street Center

They’re hosting a workshop on January 28th at Bridgeport’s Barnum Museum to explore ideas to help small towns re-imagine their centers and work with surrounding communities.  They’ll use the suburban town of Simsbury as a case study for town planning.  And they’ll focus on Bridgeport’s plan to capitalize on it’s historic downtown and possibilities as a transportation hub.

Are you part of conversations in your town about redevelopment?  Is your community planning for more public transit?  

And we hear from two Uconn professors who are studying Brownfield redevelopment in hopes of making the most of scarce urban spaces.




We know that community and urban development follows mass transit as the more economic alternative to urban sprawl and one passenger vehicles. What we need is government money!