Where We Live: On The Road

The stories behind the mystical lanes of pavement.

Desert road into the mountains
Photo:Michael Krigsman (Flickr Creative Commons)
Where We Live: On The Road
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Where We Live: On The Road

Roads get you where you need to go...at least some of the time. But roads are more than just well worn paths for busy motorists.

Writer Ted Conover shows them to be a kind of metaphor for human movement. From frightening mountain passes in Peru that carve a path for prized mahogony, to a trucking route in Kenya that may have fueled the AIDS epidemic, Conover explores the global meaning of roads in his book, The Routes of Man: Travels in the Paved World.

Author Matt Dellinger has been exploring the history of Interstate 69 and the “unfinished history of the last great American highway.” This not-yet completed road was meant to link Canada and Mexico - but abruptly stops in Indiana. He explores why...and wonders what change the highway could bring.