Yale Conference On Global Anti-Semitism

Explores Link Between Radical Islam And Anti-Semitism

Menahem Milson
Photo:Diane Orson
Yale Conference On Global Anti-Semitism
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Yale Conference On Global Anti-Semitism

As passions over the proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero spark debate over a rise in Islamophobia in America, a conference at Yale University is exploring the link between radical Islam and contemporary Anti-Semitism. 

More than 100 scholars from around the world are in New Haven to talk about global Anti-Semitism: whats happening and why. 

Professor Menahem Milson of the Hebrew University and Middle East Media Research Institute gave the keynote address on Monday.  He showed dozens of anti-Semitic video clips from major Middle Eastern TV channels.  Milson says modern anti-Semitic propaganda doesn’t distinguish between Jews, Zionists or Israelis. 

And Milson stresses that exposing the bigotry in radical jihadist Islam is not anti-Muslim or Islamophobic.

"To expose Arab anti-Semitism is not in any way to say that all Arabs or all Muslims are anti-Semitic. However this false charge has a purpose.  It is intended to stop, indeed to pre-empt the struggle against Arab anti-Semitism and to provide immunity to anti-Semites".

The Yale conference concludes on Wednesday.  

For WNPR, I'm Diane Orson.