Gail Collins on Giving Third Party Candidates a Platform

Strange NY debate has people talking



New York Times Op-Ed columnist Gail Collins returned to The Leonard Lopate Show for the latest installment of "How Did Politics in America Get So Weird?" First up was Monday's extremely entertaining New York Gubernatorial debate, which featured Andrew Cuomo, Carl Paladino and five additional candidates. No one had a chance to say much, prompting Collins to emphasize that she has "never complained, ever" about the exclusion of third party candidates from debates.

Mainly, if you've got seven people, five of whom no-one has ever heard of and will never hear of again, sitting there on the stage, you can’t expect the public to feel that it’s going to get a fascinating evening of revelation.

Still, given the amount of applause Jimmy McMillan received, it might be fair to say the electorate is united on one front: the rent probably is too damn high.

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