Where We Live: Charles Lloyd, Jay Hoggard And Spirituality Of Jazz

Soul searching and sound seeking

Charles Lloyd New Quartet
Where We Live: Jazz and Spirituality
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Where We Live: Jazz and Spirituality


In the late 1960s, jazz saxophonist Charles Lloyd sold millions of records by tapping in to the psychedelic sounds of the days

He achieved a “superstar” status, unfamiliar to jazz musicians today, thanks to the cross-over appeal of this soulful and experimental music.  His 1967 album, “Forest Flower” was one of the biggest selling jazz records of all time.  

Spirituality always played a large role in his music, and in the 1970’s, at the peak of his career, he withdrew from the public eye and moved to Big Sur to focus on transcendental meditation and embark on a spiritual inner journey.  He returned to the scene in the early 80s and has been making music, and speaking on the topic of spirituality in music ever since. 

Over the past 5 decades, his music has ranged from post-pop, to psychedelic to avant-garde improvisation.    Now, as one of the few remaining elder-statesmen of jazz, he  has teamed up with a trio of young, talented musicians to create the “New Quartet” with pianist Jason Moran, Reuben Rogers, and Eric Harland. 

They’ll be playing tonight at 8pm at Wesleyan’s Crowell Concert Hall.  And we’ll here from renowned jazz vibraphonist, and Wesleyan grad, Jay Hoggard, and some young local jazz musicians who brought this music to the church with a weekly jazz eucharist in New Haven. 



Church of St. Paul & St. James

The name of the church in that Theodicy Jazz Collective plays almost every Sunday is ST. PAUL & ST. JAMES. It is located at Chapel & Olive Streets in New Haven and our Jazz Eucharist is at 10:30 AM. We also have a Jazz Vespers service second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM. Website for the church is http://www.stpaulstjames.org