Faith Middleton Show: The Low GI Handbook

A guide to long-term health

The Low GI Handbook
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Faith Middleton Show: The Low GI Handbook
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Faith Middleton Show: The Low GI Handbook

With over 1 million copies sold of the three previous editions, The New Glucose Revolution is the go-to book for all things GI. Now in its fourth edition, The New Glucose Revolution is completely revised and updated, expanding on the most recent scientific findings related to GI and health. It includes new chapters dedicated to pre-diabetes, pregnancy, and heart health; easy and delicious recipes; weekly low-GI menu ideas; and the GI values for more than 900 different foods and drinks, plus saturated fat and carbohydrate contents listed. On the heels of Dr. David Jenkins' groundbreaking GI study (one of the largest and longest to assess the impact of foods with a low GI), the time is right to adopt and maintain a low-GI lifestyle.

If you want to lose weight; manage your diabetes; and improve your blood glucose levels, cardiovascular health, and sense of well-being, this is the book for you.

(De Capo Press)




I guess that this books is better than a textbook buyback business. I know that some themes are having so much success with the public today, but still: I wouldn't have ever bet on this book to be such a smashing success. Congrats Faith and keep those marvelous books coming!!!

Glycemic pronunciation

Note to Faith - for future reference, the "e" in glycemic is a long "e" - as in the word "seem". This is as according to Merriam Webster:

Gluten Free

How does this diet work for people like myself who are gluten free.