Faith Middleton Show: Dog, Inc.

A story that starts with a pit bull named Booger

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Faith Middleton Show: Dog, Inc.
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Faith Middleton Show: Dog, Inc.

What Stiff did for the dead and Fast Food Nation did for the burger, Dog, Inc. does for the stranger-than-fiction world of commercial dog cloning. 

It all began with a pit bull named Booger. Former Miss Wyoming Bernann McKinney was so distraught over the death of her dog, whom she regarded as her guardian and savior, that she paid $50,000 to RNL Bio for the chance to bring her beloved companion back to life. The result were five new Boogers-the first successful commercial cloning of a canine- delivered in 2008, along with a slew of compelling questions about the boundaries of science, commerce, and ethics. Blending shocking investigative reporting with colorful anecdotes, Pulitzer Prize-winning John Woestendiek takes readers behind the scenes of this emerging industry. 

But Dog, Inc. isn't just a book about pets. Nor is it just a book about science. Rather it's a fascinating look at how our emotional needs are bending the reaches of science and technology, as well as a study of this uncharted territory. With our pet obsession climbing to new heights and our scientific abilities even more so, this combination raises a serious concern: Are we crossing the boundary of controlling science in the name of science, in the name of love, in the name of merchandising-or a blend of all three?



Possible interview on my new book, which fits today's discussion


Now that spring is near, perhaps you’d like to do an interview with me on my latest book, Angelic Tails, True Stories of Heavenly Canine Companions (Loyola Press). As you may know, I have written a popular seven-book series on angels and miracles, and listeners seem to love this goosebumpy theme. (The topic also works well as an Easter entry.)

Angelic Tales is again a collection of true stories, this time emphasizing that God is the God of everything, so why wouldn’t He use anything---even a dog---to help people in times of need? With over 60 percent of American homes now including a dog, the response should be enthusiastic.

Please let me know if you would like to receive a copy of Angelic Tails as soon as it is available.
Joan Wester Anderson, author.
Colleen Fahey, Loyola publicist,