Where We Live: Food Stamps Falter in State

State-wide improvements seek to fend off Financial Sanctions

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Where We Live: Food Stamps
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Where We Live: Food Stamps

More than 336,000 residents of Connecticut use food stamps – up over 30% in the past year. 

This program, now known as SNAP - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs – provides an average of $263 a month for each household on the program. 

But with demand way up, the state has fallen down on the job… recent reports show that Connecticut ranks as one of the worst states in the nation in terms of processing food stamp applications on time and paying out accurate levels of benefits.  Representative Peter Tercyak, who co-chairs the Human Services Committee says the state’s record on providing SNAP services is “too horrible to describe credibly.”

To give an example – in the percentage of cases where food stamp benefits are denied or terminated without due cause – the state ranks 53rd…putting us behind Puerto Rico and Guam. 

If the CT Departmen of Social Services doesn’t improve, the state could face financial sanctions.  Today we'll learn a bit more about how SNAP works – and who it serves.





It never fails to nauseate me

It never fails to nauseate me to hear advocates(and in this case, a Latino woman who can hardly be understood on the radio) of the illegal Hispanics complaining about how traumatic it is for them to "fear" deportation when they try to get welfare/food stamp benefit "on behalf" of their children.