Wired But Disconnected, Episode 7

Higgly Piggly, Hula Hooping and Matzah

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Wired But Disconnected Photo:Kristen Korzenowski
Wired But Disconnected, Episode 7
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Wired But Disconnected, Episode 7

WBD: Ep. 7


Episode 7 opens up with a casual conversation about nicknames... We all have them. Some are more embarrassing than others. We switch the conversation to movies (our topic of choice) and discuss our love of Netflix as well as our differing tastes in movies. Apparently, romantic comedies/love stories are not for everyone...

Who isn't talking about Charlie Sheen these days? We briefly touch on the actor's recent shenanigans, and follow up with a little celebrity gossip. Somehow, we transition into a discussion about yoga and other unconventional work-outs, and Emily takes us to the "gun show". After, we answer the all-important question: "What would you be if you were a baked good?"

These and more hot topics in Episode 7. Who knows what irrelevant and delightfully delectable dialogue we'll dish out next time. Suggestions? Post 'em below, and you might just hear them in Episode 8. Ciao for now!