Where We Live: King Hearings On Muslim Radicalization

A Witch-Hunt or Beneficial Conversation?

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Dr. Reza Mansoor
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Where We Live: King Hearings Address Radical Islam
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Where We Live: King Hearings Address Radical Islam

Today, Long Island Congressman, Peter King, holds a hearing called "The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community's Response."

As chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, King says he wants to look into the threat of homegrown terrorism and its ties to Islam.

Critics are calling the excercise a “witch hunt” and a return to McCarthyism.  But others - including some in the Muslim community - say it’s an opportunity to have an important discussion about terrorist threats in the US, and what relationship, if any, they have to religion.

Today we ask if it is fair to single out a religious group.  If it is fair to ignore other groups that even some Muslims call a "problem."

We're joined by members of the Islamic community on both sides of the issue, reporters who have been covering the hearings and radical Islamic movements around the country, and a scholar from Hartford Seminary.

What's your take?





Kings Hearings on Islamic Terrorism!

Somebody commented that when they investigated the Mafia they did not investigate the entire Italian community or when they were investigating the IRA they did not investiate the entire Irish Americans. Why is now the entire Muslim community is being investigated for the terrorism committed by few who unfortunately came under the influence of 'alqauida' or taliban or some other groups. They should investigate 'alquaida' or other terrorist groups not the eintire Muslim community. Fortunately other faith groups joins Muslims' outrage on this iniquities by people like Peter King and other right wingers. May Allah show us the right path and may Allah open their hearts and conscious to see the harm they are doing to our community.

May Allah save us all.