Faith Middleton Show: In Her Wake

A Child Psychiatrist explores the mystery of her mother's suicide

In Her Wake
Faith Middleton Show: In Her Wake
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Faith Middleton Show: In Her Wake

Over one million people in the world commit suicide every year leaving millions more bereft.  

Harvard psychiatrist Nancy Rappaport, author of the memoir In Her Wake: A Child Psychiatrist Explores the Mystery of Her Mother's Suicide, was haunted for most of her life by her mother's suicide at the age of 34 that left her, and her five siblings, motherless.  Her mom left a suicide note and a grocery list when she killed herself in 1963 - the author was just for years old.

In Her Wake is an investigation of the mystery surrounding her mother's suicide and Dr. Rappaport's steadfast search for the mother she longs for and barely remembers.