Faith Middleton Show: The Silent Saboteurs

Unmasking Our Own Oral Spirochetes As The Key To Saving TRILLIONS in Health Care

Faith Middleton Show: The Silent Saboteurs
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Faith Middleton Show: The Silent Saboteurs


 In 2009, Dr. Nordquist published The Stealth Killer, a book that has become known as the #1 authoritative resource on the hugely important connection between oral spirochetosis and chronic inflammatory disease. 

Now, after having spent additional countless hours in deep study of the topic with co-author David Krutchkoff, DDS, MS, The Silent Saboteurs is here to expand on this groundbreaking subject. 

“This is a story about a very special group of bacteria; uniquely different and interesting microbes that live within our mouths. These peculiar forms of life, known collectively as oral spirochetes, are unknown to most and misunderstood by nearly all. We have a story to tell concerning a proposed role these microbes play as saboteurs of our body defenses if allowed to penetrate our external surfaces thereby gaining access to the forbidden territory of our vulnerable internal body fluids. The ways, means and hows, are going to be presented along with rationales and suggestions of strategies by which these bacteria can be countered and what this will mean in terms of a better overall quality of life and savings to our health-care system. Prepare for an interesting read!”